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“Yandex. Money”: q & a popular payment system

In recent years, electronic money are becoming increasingly popular. Their main feature – the absence of full control by the government. The main advantage is access for everyone and the possibility of registration without having to provide any documents, filing contracts and other formalities. In Russia the most popular are two systems WebMoney and “Yandex.Money.” But if WebMoney for most users is commonplace, with “Yandex. Money” raises a number of questions. In this article we will look at the key features of the payment system.
As appeared in “Yandex. The money”?

For the first time this payment system appeared in 2002, five years after the start of WebMoney. During the birth of support for the project was provided by the world famous company PayCash. Her experience, knowledge and respect enabled “Yandex. Money” fast enough to break into the Russian market and start competing with Webmoney. Development of the system and the replenishment of customers does not stop for a second. Today the number of users has more than 22 million people.
How to create a purse “Yandex. The money”?

To start an e-wallet, you must visit the site to Yandex and make Inbox. When you register you must come up with a login and password, which will later be used to register for other services (including for the creation of electronic wallet). If the mailbox already exists, you must go through the authorisation process and open your account. Will only to earn money to transfer them to the purse and take off in a special ATM (or use the services of e-currency exchange we have). During the registration process you must enter your mobile phone number, which you will need to restore access to your wallet.
How to withdraw money?

Problems with removal of means from electronic purse “Yandex.Money” does not exist. Moreover, there are three main options to choose from:

Transfer money to any Bank (the main thing that plastic was a Visa or Mastercard”). The money derived in 1-2 business days. But have to spend on Commission, which is only 15 rubles.
Funds with a “Yandex. Money” can be transferred to your Bank account. The financial institution does not have to reside on the territory of Russia. The time of transfer in this case can be up to seven days.
Also you can withdraw Yandex money card or the card of any other Bank by using our service.

What methods of replenishment of a purse on Yandex exist?

Sometimes a situation may arise when money is urgently needed to pay bills via the Internet. Everything is solved simply – the required amount can be transferred to your e-wallet with a Bank card. The second option is to use the services of exchange services. The third method is the most popular: to replenish the account card of Sberbank. This can be done from the personal account of the savings Bank and using the services of our site here.

To further it is convenient to work in the system “Yandex. Money”, you must link your Bank card to a newly created e-wallet. This service is absolutely free, that enables a good save on the fee system.
Is there a high level of security “Yandex. The money”?

It is impossible to say that e-wallet in this system is completely invulnerable. While there are smart crooks, the probability of cracking is and always will be. But most often the reason for the loss of personal funds is not a weak system reliability, and not the attitude of users to their security. People who are not thinking about the consequences, clicking suspicious links, pass your details to third parties in exchange for some promises and so on. To reduce the likelihood of breaking the wallet to a minimum, you need to read the rules of system security.
You can dеlete the e-wallet system “Yandex. The money”?

There are times when the need for the web wallet was gone. In such a situation it is desirable to remove, that he has not got by fraud. To make it easy. You must log in with your username and password, go to passport, to access information with personal information and at the very end to find the link that says “dеlete account”. If you click it and confirm your desire you are not only a purse, and other personal information from other services of the system. It should be noted that for confirmation, you must remember your password to login.