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Yandex money in Ukraine how to work with the payment system

Ukrainian users of electronic purses Yandex money not have access to implementation of most operations. They cannot pass the Identification procedure and, therefore, withdraw money and receive them to your account. At the time of registration the customer must specify the series and number of passport of Ukraine is the 8 digits (despite the fact that in Russia 10). So, the customer enters these digits, and the system just automatically denies user.

The situation is even more aggravated in November 2016, when the national Bank of Ukraine banned the activities of Yandex money and several Russian operators throughout the country. Despite the strictness of legislation and technical complexity, they are not an insurmountable obstacle. The easiest way to register a valid account in Ukraine is to use the services of agents of the payment system. They are in all the major cities of the country, the more actual list can be found here: https://money.yandex.ru/doc.xml?id=527878

A record is made in advance by phone when the customer indicates the date of arrival, specifies the set of required authorization documents and the cost of registration, which depends on the city. In the office the user is prompted to write an application for the registration of Yandex purse, giving an appropriate form. The deadline of the application does not exceed 10 working days, after which your account on Yandex money will be a new designation. Confirming actions with a password, the client receives a working budget.

In addition, the user can register an account through the system https://obmenka.ua/yandex-identification_instruction
So, after the client Yandex money passed the registration procedure, it can perform most of the operations associated with the withdrawal and receipt of funds, but some difficulties are possible here. Today the Ukrainian users have the following ways to replenish the purse:

Using credit cards Visa and MasterCard with 3D secure system-Secure, in its absence recharge will not work. For the operation in the “Recharge wallet” sеlect the item “Bank card”, whose number is specified in the next window;
Through the exchange platform on the Internet, e.g. the website https://spbwmcasher.ru . The site does not work with Ukrainian banks, so you can use the replenishment via WebMoney WMU. This is one of the easiest ways to replenish the purse, does not require the user time costs;
Bank transfer. Until recently, executed through the system PRIVAT24. The method has lost relevance in connection with the prohibition of state bodies of Ukraine on the activity of the Yandex money and nationalization of PrivatBank.
The withdrawal of money from the wallets of Yandex in Ukraine also involves difficulties. Until recently, the most common variant was the service of PrivatBank. His cards just tied to the account and the money had been withdrawn from any ATM. In connection with the official ban, the situation is more complicated. Around it will help the service special sites. The flagship of the notorious acts https://obmenka.ua/.

Customers can also enjoy the on-site https://spbwmcasher.ru managed to earn the recognition of the user due to the speed and low fares. In both cases we are talking about getting another e-currency, namely, WebMoney.
Theoretically, customers can use the mutual linking accounts, combining wallets WebMoneyUA and Yandex money. The procedure is available only to residents of the Russian Federation, however, much depends on the capabilities of the agent.