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Guide Yandex Money announces that it will introduce a ban on the wallets to raise funds for political purposes. Changes to the user agreement of the payment system will be introduced in the near future.

The fact is that the collection of funds for political purposes in electronic wallets contradicts the legislation of the Russian Federation. And the Central Bank of the Russian Federation requires the system to terminate the contracts on such purses.

Recall that this law works in Russia for a long time and systems Qiwi and PayPal had to freeze such accounts at the request of the Central Bank. Now it’s time for Yandex Money.

On the ad system has already reacted to some of the deputies who were holding wallets to “political purposes”. Officials explained that to keep these wallets are very comfortable and the money goes not to the policy, and to charity. However, the Central Bank stands his ground and declares that the decision will not be undone.

If Yandex Money refuse to terminate the account contracts “for political purposes”, the system will incur compliance risks. Compliance risks are risks related to possible sanctions by the state legal bodies. In the case of sanctions, Yandex money not only can lose wallets “for political purposes”, but for a long time to stop operation. Thus, the system will fail it is not dozens, but thousands of customers.

So Yandex Money in a hurry to perform their duties and to amend the user agreement.

Collect donations in Yandex cash from individuals is still possible.