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Ways to withdraw money from Qiwi

In Russia the most popular system of electronic payments of QIWI is whose convenience and ease already appreciated by thousands of citizens. Registration requires only a phone number and get their hands on all system functions available through the terminal and personal account. In addition, the system organized the production of debit cards. Through it you can make top phone bills, paying any bills, loans, online purchases. The only questions many clients arise in connection with the withdrawal of money, which is often difficult. However, for him there are many ways that we consider below. In addition, there are several ways to QIWI through the site, are also in demand exchangers of electronic currencies, where you can translate from Kiwi card or, for example, to exchange Qiwi to Yandex money.
First of all, on the website of the payment system must go to “Withdraw”, where the client will offer you the following options:

A plastic card;
Bank account;
Debit card QIWI;
Withdrawal of cash.

The last paragraph should elaborate. Here the money is sent through mail services, as well as VISA and MASTERCARD. Before that, the client payment system is identity by entering personal and passport details, telephone number, INN, SNILS. Citizens of other countries require more documents. Then to complete the form of withdrawal and transfer is available at all points of the selected system, whether the CONTACT, UNISTREAM, WESTERN uniоn.

Not less simple and withdraw money on a plastic card. To do this:

Enable the option “Withdraw”;
sеlect “Bank card”;
Fits the card number and amount;
Specified personal information;
User notify on 2% Commission + 20 rubles (40 rubles for foreigners), the transfer limit in the range of 15 thousand rubles;

– Enable the option “Pay”;

– The phone receives an SMS with a code that is driven into the corresponding window;

– Transfer times in the range of 1 minute to 5 days.

When you transfer money to a Bank account, the system maximizes the window, where the user drives the type of the identifier which is the number of the account or contract. However, you specify the amount filled in the remaining fields. The amount of a fee equal to 1.6% and 20 rubles from the top. Foreigners withdraw money to Bank account not available.

Money can be translated to a map provided by the service QIWI. In this case, binding to a wallet is automatic and the withdrawal is done instantly and without a fee, as well as payment of purchases in shops. The map is ordered, to be issued in branches of the Bank, QIWI and its dealers and has a limited lifetime. When withdrawing money via an ATM withdrawn % of the amount claimed, whose minimum threshold is 50 rubles.

Withdrawals can be made via e-mail. This is filled with a special form and the specified address comes a guide to withdrawing money. The amount of transfer varies between 1 – 15 000 rubles.

So, at the disposal of the account holder in the system of QIWI are many ways to withdraw money from which he can always choose the optimal variant. Cheaper just out using QIWI, although other schemes, despite the additional expenses, in demand. Finally the customer can always make use of a specialized site to withdraw money.