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Nowadays there are many virtual payment systems. Web paying money for goods and services, pay salaries and perform many other operations, which were previously available only to banks. One of the most popular systems today are Yandex.Money and Kiwi. What are the differences between them and which one is better? Let’s get together.

According to the existing standards analysis is similar to the functionality of the services may be considered complete only when all are equal in their basic principles and operating parameters. We compare the key criteria for the application of popular EPS.
Create e-wallet and replenish his

The easiest way to create a purse offers Kiwi. To register in this payment system is sufficient to provide only their mobile number. After that, your phone will receive an SMS with a password to log in to your account. As login you will use your number of your phone.

To create an “online wallet” Yandex is a bit more complicated. You must first register your own mailbox in the system, then open a virtual account, to bind a mobile number to your account. In principle, nothing complicated is not here, but if you compare opening a QIWI wallet, Yandex is clearly the loser.

The Kiwi has a wide network of self-service terminals across Russia and the CIS countries. With their help, you can without a fee to replenish the WebMoney. Yandex. Money is impossible. So Yandex and here again “in flight”.
Account security and transactions

The issue of financial security today is extremely relevant, and this applies to both EPS and companies that have a connection to the Internet.

Security Kiwi loses to Yandex.Money, because for transfer or confirmation of the withdrawal must enter the code that come on the phone. This means that if the phone is stolen, your virtual store will likely clean out.

Yandex provides its customers with a lot more tools to protect accounts, including paid.
Methods and conditions of withdrawal

The main question that interests all users – the size of the commissions that the system charge for a withdrawal. Conditions for the withdrawal of funds from e-wallet in both of the considered systems is the same. The unanimity on the issue of withdrawal is no big deal. The function of cash is one of the most important for users, for this reason the system should follow the same rules, otherwise the number of customers will be reduced.

The only thing they differ from each other in this respect – available for circulation currency. In Yandex.Money you can only create a ruble purse, while QIWI has the opportunity to create not only the ruble, but dollar, Euro and tenge wallets. It is very convenient in working with foreign vendors and services – you can easily convert your account in the currency you need.
The results

Yandex.Money QIWI lose their specificity in terms of confirmation of the account and there is only one available currency. The latter robs you of the opportunity to work with foreign services and complicates the replenishment of the purse in other States. But Kiwi loses to Yandex service in ensuring the security of transactions and account.

What system should I choose? Decide for yourself, although nothing prevents to register your own account in both EPS.