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Comparison of payment systems: WebMoney vs PayPal

Webmoney and Yandex Money are the best payment systems in Russia, through which anyone can implement almost any financial operation. Each of them has their own opportunities, conditions and requirements of the clients. Many people wonder what the monetary system is better: Webmoney or Yandex-money for 2017?

Some think that registration is a very simple, but it is not so. To make full use of these payment systems, the user will need to identify yourself. For this the monetary system requesting scanned documents (passport and ID).

On Yandex-money registration is easier than WebMoney. You must register in Yandex, enter your mobile phone number, get the code, go to the Yandex-money and come up with a payment password.

To register in the virtual program Webmoney, you need to specify:

mobile number;
country of residence;
the address of the residence;
passport data.


For those who value their time and money, the best financial system will be WebMoney. This program is reliable and stable, and as for security, it is possible not to worry: with Webmoney there are several levels of protection:

SMS confirmation;
code keys;
digital authentication;
3 options for login, including using e-num.

In the system Yandex-money, protection simpler: the same password of the personal Cabinet, and the second from the personal wallet.
Advantages of Webmoney and Yandex-money

WebMoney is much better functionality with the system working almost all the online shopping and exchange. The program also allows users to conduct any monetary transactions. If a complex situation arises, there is arbitration, which will solve the financial problem for the day.

Yandex-money – service that is easy to use and any monetary transaction can be done via phone. The financial system usovershenstvuetsya, so every year it appears more and more possibilities.
Cons Webmoney and Yandex-money

WebMoney has very strict rules, in order to use the system fully, you have to go through a lot of checks. After sending scanned documents, user must wait for a positive response. And only after assigning the required certificate (personal or merchant passport), you can withdraw money on the card and give mini credit.

Yandex-money has its negative points, add money and you can withdraw money in rubles. Also, this service cannot be used in other countries, only in Russia.

The table shows the main comparative characteristics of payment systems:
Service Webmoney Yandex-Money
Online payments mobile recharges and utility bill payments, Internet and TV, loan repayment and payment of purchases in Internet-shops. You can pay your telephone, Internet, utilities services, taxes and fines.
Balance In terminals or ATMs using a personal card or any exchanger. With Visa and MasterCard, mobile (linked to the wallet), through the terminal or ATM, in the salons of “Euroset” and “Svyaznoy”.
Withdrawals To personal Bank account, Visa card and MasterCard.
To Visa and MasterCard, personal Bank account through MoneyGram and Western uniоn.
Commission From 0% to 3.5%. From 0% to 3%.
Currency Rubles, dollars, euros Rubles.
The credit Can take the loan from 1000 to 30000 roubles. You can arrange a mini-loan from 1000 rubles to 15,000 rubles.

To accurately determine which of these systems better, not. WebMoney and Yandex-money has its positive and negative sides. If monetary system is necessary for small payments (payment of goods or utilities), it is better to choose a Yandex-money. For larger financial transactions (transfers or loan repayments) would be perfect Webmoney.