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Good news for owners of Visa QIWI Wallet accounts – not so long ago an opportunity of contactless payment by card Visa payWavе.

Visa payWavе is a fundamentally new contactless way to pay for purchases. The convenience is that the owner of such card when paying for an inexpensive purchase (up to 1 000 RUB.) do not need to enter a pin code or a special signature. Payment happens in seconds, while you don’t need to give your card to the cashier or insеrt it into the machine. These cards do not contain data of the passport holder and other information, although it is protected from damage.

So, now the owners of the wallets of KIWIS can use these cards. They will act in different trade centers, where there are contactless terminals, with a dedicated icon. So http://www.visa.com.ru/ru/ru-ru/personal/features/images/vpw_ico.jpg.

The creators of innovations explain that a function can only operate in Android smartphones version 4.4 and above with built-in NFC chip (this chip contains the most modern gadgets).

Now, how to pay card Visa payWavе?

When making a purchase at the point of sale (e.g. supermarket) ask device for wireless payment, it looks about the same as the device for the usual payment cards. When conducting a purchase, the cashier on the device displays the amount of your purchase. You need to ensure that the amount displayed is correct, then you need to bring the card to the device, then you will see on the screen the inscription “OK” and you will hear a beep. All the purchase is made. After operation completion, you have the right to ask for a receipt.