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The types of virtual Bank cards online payment system

Virtual Bank card is called payment instrument of payment on the Internet and conventional stores. It does not provide physical media, presenting a list of details entered in a special field sites and apps. Until recently, the card could not be used for cash withdrawals and transactions in retail networks, the situation is beginning to change and some vendors went against the financial operators and their customers. In the virtual map there is a code (like a pin on a normal map), which usually consists of 3 digits, although it may consist of 4 ex. With it and verified the authenticity of the card.

Virtual payment card

The key purpose of the map are the calculations in the framework of the Internet, here virtual card is often attached to the plastic version. Carrying out certain operations, the owner has the option not to provide information with the main map, and thus reduces the risk of forgery and theft. There are virtual instruments with a limit of money. They are usually used to pay for planned purchase, not to Shine the main map. When the consumption of the indicated amount limited card becomes inactive and any operations with it to fail.

The replenishment of virtual accounts is made through banks, cash terminals and ATMs, as well as the shopping network has entered into with the operator cooperation agreement. Today in the Russian network segment of the most popular cards issued by the system WebMoney, Yandexmoney and QIWI.

Virtual card Yandex Money

Virtual card Yandex money is designed solely to work online, where it can help to pay on any website. Is the equivalent of an electronic wallet having a common balance. The card number is stored on the website, the combination of CVC comes on the recipient’s phone via SMS. The card is suitable for payment in commercial applications on Google Play, AppStore and Ajaxtags.

Virtual card Qiwi

Virtual card, QIWI or QIWI Visa Card. Is issued free of charge to holders of accounts in Visa QIWI Wallet and allows you to pay in all online shops and sites that accept payments with Visa. Depositing is carried out through terminals, ATMs, offices of mobile operators, retail chains. Virtual card Kiwi is conveniently controlled. It’s enough to have a mobile app and to use it to control the costs to change confirmation code and block card.

Virtual card WebMoney

Virtual card, WebMoney or Virtual MasterCard is a prepaid means of payment, with the possibility of binding in the system WebMoney. A mandatory condition for receiving is a status of the user, who must be a resident of the Russian Federation, you must also have a level of qualification not lower than formal. If desired, the map is tied to an electronic purse WebMoney and may take with him a single balance. The card is suitable to calculate in most online stores, at ATMs and POS terminals is not maintained.

The following table shows a clear comparison of the conditions leading Russian operators of virtual cards:

Yandex money




Russian ruble

Russian ruble

Russian ruble

The validity of

1 year

2 years

1 year

The limit of the card

40 000 rubles per month

40 000 rubles per month

40 000 rubles per month

The most important advantage of virtual cards is payment security and the inability of the attackers to withdraw money from the account. The lack of physical media eliminates the risk of card loss and theft. Additional protection acts as a combination of numbers, available only to the cardholder, which, moreover, always has the opportunity to rеplace it.