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What to do if blocked Kivi-purse?

Often users of the wallet in the QIWI face lock their accounts. Many resources abound with offers of help in solving the problem, however, as a rule, the owner loses access to it completely or face serious limitations. Largely difficulties in third-party unlocking are the result of policy QIWI, aimed at maximizing customers ‘ privacy.

The grounds for freezing accounts are automatic failures and malfunctions in the system, its excessive precaution, but most of the mistakes of its owners. In this article we will impartially explain the most common situations blocking and try to find a way out of them.

First of all, prevention of loss of money includes regular checking of KIWI wallets. Especially it is relevant when transferring details to a third party, which is going to make a payment to the account during a given product or service. Before passing the room, you need to log into your account using the username and password, making sure to functioning purse. If for one reason or another it is blocked, you need to send a message to the technical service QIWI.

Otherwise, the sender will have time to make the transfer, and the funds in the frozen account, and the recipient will not be able to use them for their purpose. To avoid the negative aspects and allows timely checking.
The cause of the freeze

Along with the situation described above, the accounts in KIWI is often blocked after transfer to a Bank card, receipts, send them to the accounts of other clients of the payment resource. In each case required individual analysis, as many functions are performed automatically, and the system often suffers from excessive suspicion. User is constantly seeking to expose illegal Commerce, which is expressly prohibited by the rules of the system.

To be clear about the arguments when you lock will allow analysis of the following information, which presents the most common reasons are:

The lack of receiving SMS messages about transactions KIWI. Phone-disabled SMS message from KIWI are very commonly used network scams. Accordingly, the security system takes off SMS opowiadanie an attempted to cash resources;
Attempt to obtain account access through the proxy server. In it could be even Opera Turbo, so you need to be attentive to the features of the browser. Seeing the hidden address of the computer, the system instantly locks the wallet;
Funds will be credited to a credit card tied to other wallets or receiving from them the translations. Operation signal the system about potential fraud, as criminals use numerous loopholes to withdraw money;
Frequency of transactions: Deposit and withdrawal of Finance may be grounds for blocking. The rules of the resource prohibits the concealment of profits, as well as its extraction from the wallet. Even the frequency of transactions 1-2 times a week is suspicious;
The flow of money from the accounts previously found to be cheating had complaints from other customers. In this case, freezing is the most durable, and while all the questions with a suspicious wallet out, get access to your account will not work;
The lock would result in exceeding the monetary limits during the transfers. In KIWIFRUIT there are daily and monthly limits, and if exceeded, the account is blocked until a new period.

So basically the lock is caused by the desire of the QIWI payment system to protect the wallets of its users. However, as often occurs in life, a disease is treated even worse by the medicine. The crooks to easily circumvent the prohibitions, and legitimate customers are forced to prove their honesty. If this is successful, the account for a specific reason, no longer frozen.

Of course, the role played by bureaucratic constraints associated with the desire to establish full control over commercial activities. Suspecting a user is in violation of its rules, officials can instantly close the entire system, so that it tries to play it safe.

No wait, demand!

To restore the truth, as well as access to money, will help persistence, otherwise process as in the novel by Kafka, risks to drag on for years. Support you need to consistently throw messages and emails. Thus it is necessary to keep the nerve cells, not going to the rudeness and foul language, it will not help, and a negative attitude to you spur. Calm reasoned tone and sequence in this case will be a good assistants.
Procedure treatment service

To resolve the issue will allow the phone call to the number 8-800-333-00-59;
QIWI employee must give his name, repeating them if necessary;
It is necessary to inform about the situation, and if the question is of a technical nature that will be resolved quickly. If difficulties with security, the user will have to send an email with an explanation to the address fraud@qiwi.ru

The low level of service and incompetence of the operators are the basis for calling a senior staff member or administrator. The expert must give them up at any time of the day. By its refusal from further conversation and the disconnection of the line, you need to call the administrator themselves.
A set of necessary documents

The explanation for security is preceded by the presentation of documents. The package includes the passport, the contract with the telephone operator, in case of loss of a document which you want to restore by contacting the mobile network. Corporate room requires help to provide it to the person for official activities with indication of number and date. No contract for the purchase of the SIM card provides for circulation in the cell interior for help. Loss of SIM card leads to the necessity of restoring it, all mobile operators it is easy, but for the extra money.
Communication with the Security Service

Direct contact can not be obtained due to the lack of rooms for communication. Powerless in the question and technical support. The output is an email form:


I (name) am the owner of the account KIWI +XXXXX. This my wallet is frozen due to the situation. We are talking about the misunderstanding, hope for your understanding and ask for advice on preventing similar cases in the future. As proof, I attach a scanned image of your passport and a phone contract.

Then the letter is sent. Approximate processing time is 10 working days, but often answer before, and in the absence of reaction on the 3rd day, it should again send to the same.

So, overall, the wallet KIWI it is possible to unlock without too much difficulty, especially if you not to panic and correctly to create a petition. However, the low level of competition in the field of electronic money and the lack of concerns about the outflow of customers to other platforms, increases the likelihood of unmotivated blocking wallet in the future.