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Conditions of affiliate program


For every exchange made via your affiliate link, you receive a reward in the amount of from 5% to 25% of the profit of the transaction. The percentage depends on the amount of exchanges made using your affiliate link:

  • 0-999 USD – 5%
  • 1000-9999 USD – 10%
  • 10000-99999 USD – 15%
  • 100000 – 999999 USD – 20%
  • 1000000-………….. USD – 25%

The specified values of the affiliate commissions to be eventually changed. In this case, all earnings are retained in the account the previous rates.

For owners of monitoring of exchange offices, established individual award in the amount of 25 to 35% of the profit received by our exchanger. (after registering, please provide your username or email administrator.)


Joining an Affiliate program service SpbWmCasher.RU means unconditional acceptance of this Agreement.

Program Description:

Member of the Affiliate program service SpbWmCasher.RU. (hereinafter “Partner”) voluntarily places a special link on the tools SpbWmCasher.RU. on its website. Partner receives compensation for referred users and transitions according to the rates given on the description page of the Affiliate program.

Attracted by the user — the user who came via the affiliate link from the affiliate’s website and using the services of y our service.

Transition — the transition of the visitor from the affiliate’s website to the website of the service SpbWmCasher.RU.

In the case that the Partner in any way artificially increases the number of clicks on affiliate links (involved in the systems of traffic exchange, uses software emulators, CAP and etc.), it can be blocked and deleted without remuneration.

Administration service SpbWmCasher.RU may at any time and without giving reasons to change the Partner level or block him access to the Personal Cabinet, if the partner’s site and his method of participation in the Affiliate program does not comply with this Agreement.

Registration and accommodation links:

The Affiliate program is service automatic. After registration, the Partner receives access to the statistics, codes, links, banners, etc. information through the “Personal Cabinet”.

To ensure the accuracy of counting of jumps, the Partner is required to use the link format, the proposed service SpbWmCasher.RU. Otherwise, the service Administration is not responsible for correct accounting and statistics does not accept claims for this reason.

The affiliate link must be placed exclusively in the visible part of the Partner site. Text affiliate link should not enters the user into the misconception its content.

It is prohibited to:

  • To use a code that change the visibility of affiliate links or banner;
  • To use the code automatically opening and/or perezagruzki service page SpbWmCasher.RU without user interaction;
  • Place the link code bulk mail messages (SPAM);
  • Place the link code on sites, forcing to open a browser window, or opening sites in hidden frames;
  • Place the link code on websites, distributing any materials, directly or indirectly, violate the laws of the Russian Federation;
  • Place the link code on sites publishing lists of sites with “free bonuses”;
  • Place the link code on your web pages, enclosed from public view by means of authorization (different social networks, closed forum sections, etc.).

The affiliate Commission:

  • Partner remuneration for the involved user is charged at the time of completion of the operation by the user, attracted by the Partner.
  • Partner’s remuneration is paid in the base currency of the website of the exchange office (USD US dollar).
  • The payment of the partnership interest is made to Z-purse partner in achieving balance in 5 USD
  • The reward will not be credited if the user refuses the application, will not pay a claim or make a refund on the paid application.
  • When registration was brought in by the user on the service SpbWmCasher.RU the Partner will be rewarded with all user operations in the system in the future, all the time of existence of the Partner, until the user navigates to the Service site at the link of the other Partner.
  • The fee may not be assessed if the system is not able to determine where a user is coming from.

This can occur in the following cases:

  • In the user’s browser is disabled or deleted cookies, but the user is not registered on the service SpbWmCasher.RU;
  • The referring page does not match with the registered partner’s address, or the address of the referring page can’t technically be defined.
  • In the case that the Partner is going to place the banner of the Service not specified in the registration process website, and elsewhere (another website, banner impressions, mailing list, etc.), he must obtain the consent of the Service Administration.

In case of disagreement the parties will try to resolve them through negotiations. If the parties cannot come to mutual agreement, their dispute shall be resolved in court at the place of registration of the Service management company.

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