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All the ways to know the wallet number in WebMoney

If you have just registered in the system WebMoney, then, of course, fully understand it the first time quite difficult. Many beginners, once agreed with the employer about the payment in your WebMoney wallet, wonder: “And, actually, what’s in my purse?”

So when you register on WebMoney, you were given a personal WMID. It’s not a purse number and your user ID (a special number during registration). It is best to write on his notebook. When you register you had to put on your computer one of the versions of the application, WM Keeper Mini, Classic or Light. If you use WebMoney through a smartphone then you probably already put the app Keeper Mobile.

If you have installed the Webmoney Keeper (the safe option to work with WebMoney), to sign in, enter your WMID and password. Room WMIDНажмите on the tab “Purses” and you will find a list of their wallets. Usually the user opens the ruble and dollar purses, although only on WebMoney there are 8 kinds of currencies. To copy the account number directly from the Keeper, press the right mouse button on the wallet, then Copy purse number to the clipboard.

Number of purses in WebMoney are here

If you use a lightweight version – Mini Webmoney, please visit the WebMoney website, enter your details, confirm your input with using SMS or system authorization E-NUM, if you have it installed on your mobile. Numbers of the purses you can see in the tab “finances” (wallet icon).

One last way to know the numbers of their wallets – through the mobile app. So, if you use WebMoney via mobile phone, log in to the installed application Webmoney Keeper, click on the financial tab and you will see their wallets with the numbers and amounts of money that they are.