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Payment service, which bears at present the name SKrill was established in 2001 in the UK, and then around the world it was known as Moneybookers. During this time he several times changed its owners, but in the end remained English, with its headquarters in London. It, along with PayPal and e-gold, can rightly be called one of the founders of the international online payment systems. Although available for the Russians it was much earlier than PayPal, but a widespread development in our country he received. But to call it not popular in the CIS too. Services are much more loyal to foreigners than the “stick” and has an interface with 14 languages and works with 40 different currencies and are available in more than 180 countries around the world. Skrill operates under the license of great Britain and insured against insolvency and force majeure. That’s probably why its users have to verify your account and address. Anonymity here and does not smell, but as they say, to pay for everything.

Using Skrill is easy to make purchases on the Internet, it is especially advantageous to replenish the account in bookmakers and online casinos. For fans of gambling games have large discounts and bonuses in the section of special offers. For 8 years Skrill works closely with the largest global auction site Ebay. The system provides a unique opportunity to take payments from foreign nationals in our country is very much appreciated by freelancers and Internet entrepreneurs.

How to register and open an account

Registration on the website is relatively simple and intuitive. At the first stage you need to enter an email address and create a password. The password must meet certain criteria, but rather consist of at least eight characters in Latin letters and contain not only letters, but numbers. Next you need to enter your name and surname in the English language, and the date of birth. The easiest way to write your name as on the card and it should be borne in mind that the veracity of date of birth required because it will be used for verification. Then choose from the list the country and desired currency (e.g. US dollar). In the future, to change the currency would be impossible. If you have decided, then enter the address of your registration, it can also be used for testing, so I write everything honestly. In the last stage specify the mobile phone number, put a check that the rules we all agree. The registration process is completed. Going further, you will see your account with a zero balance.
Verification in Skrile Bank accounts and cards

In order to be able to Fund your account with Skrill, you must link and confirm a debit or credit Bank card. Make it pretty easy – in the section on “Cards and Bank accounts” add a map. Fill in the details shown on your map, and click confirm. Keep in mind that the card should belong to you, otherwise the system will not accept it. In the next stage, the card must be verified, that is, to confirm the service that you are the holder of the card account. The essence of this verification is to write off your card small amounts that you should enter with a precision of one cent. To see how much Skrill you copied from SMS or the issuing Bank of the card. In the following section with your cards and accounts you should sеlect “End verification” in the box that appears to lead the written-off amount. If everything is correct, your card will be confirmed. About money do not worry, immediately after the procedure you will return them to the account.

In order to understand what the system has set limits previously required verification of your mailing address and personality (this is another verification). The process took quite a long time. You had to download them scans of your passport, and they in return sent to your email address a letter with a certain code you had to enter on the website. At the moment things are a little complicated, as in the section on verification says that it must go automatically. As far as we understand, Skrill’ll ask you for documents if you exceed the originally established limit. When registering the original limit is 2,500 Euros for all transactions. I think for the vast majority of Russians enough.
How to order MasterCard from Moneybookers?

Scrill MasterCard and Visa

In the payment system Skrill there is a very convenient tool called Skrill Prepaid MasterCard. The beauty of this card is that the account and card account are one. How much you have in the account in the payment system, the same number and the card account. The convenience is that you don’t have to pay a fee for the transfer of funds. If you pay off this card in stores, the Commission is not taken, provided that the currency of the card and purchase the same. Otherwise, you will pay a certain percentage for the currency conversion. To cash out money from an ATM is possible at a very reasonable rate of 1.75%, and for the lucky owners of VIP Silver status and above, the Commission is absent.

All is good, but until recently order this product, only having the minimum VIP status, which implies a turnover of 6000 Euros for three months. For many of our fellow citizens is a very heavy sum. Come on though, but from 29 September 2016 cards in our country is not sent, and since November they did not even serve in the CIS. For some reason Russia was not included in this list and we have it can pay. Hence the simple and sad conclusion that in Russia this is impossible, at least legally.
Ways to replenish the purse

To add funds to Skrill in several ways. The most simple and straightforward solution is to replenish the attached card. The payment system for this transaction does not take Commission, but the Bank that emitted the card, write off 2.5% of the payment amount. You can also enter money by Bank transfer, again, free from the payment system, but it’s pretty long and you still pay the Bank for the transfer.

There are a couple of alternative ways. If you have Bitcoin, it can help to replenish the purse for the 1%. Neteller payment system provides accounts in Skrill for 3% of the amount transferred.
How to withdraw funds from Scrill?

To withdraw funds, Skrill offers not so many possibilities. More recently, it was possible to use transfer into a Bank connected to the system of money transfers SWIFT, but at the moment this method is not available to us. For the Russians can only withdraw money on the tied card or transfer to another participant of the system. By the way, you can transfer money even to a person not having an account in Skrill, just the email address. It gets a link with access to the transferred funds. For the translation with you will write off 1.9 percent , and for owners of VIP status the Commission is reduced to 1%. For the person receiving the transfer, the operation is free. Withdraw money to your card – for us the most preferred and perhaps the only method that will cost 3,95 Euros for each transaction.
The advantages and disadvantages of the system

Let’s start with the advantages:

Payment service has absolute transparency;
Convenient for shopping, particularly on Ebay. To pay for the services of the bookmakers and casino offers many bonuses, it also removes from them the account for free;
A small fee for internal transfer;
Works with the CIS countries;
A reliable company from the UK, are insured against risks;
There is a mobile app.

Cons, as elsewhere, is also present:

It is impossible to obtain a prepaid card in Russia;
Reliability implies the absence of anonymity. Therefore, to avoid problems with the tax inspection, if you are using a service business, it is better to file a tax return;
For transfers to other payment systems or exchangers can block the account;
Sophisticated verification procedure, and limiting customers.

What with safety

Security in the payment system Skrill is achieved in two ways. The first is two-factor authentication, which will be offered to include immediately after registration. Its essence is that after entering the login and password you need to enter one time password which you receive on the mobile number specified during registration. The second protection is meant by a complex system of verification. Even if the attacker gained access to your account, withdraw money, he will only be able to your card or making a transfer to another account which is also verified. You will only need to contact the support, and the funds will be restored to your account.