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Payment service “Yandex Money” has announced that now money transfers via mobile app will not be subject to Commission. Recall that the Commission for transfers between wallets previously was 0.5% of the total amount transferred.

However, the use of this privilege will not all clients “Yandex Money”. Free transfers are valid only within the mobile application from the company “Yandex Money” on devices based on Android, iOS, Windows 10. This “charity event” was established to promote mobile translation, because most customers are using the service through the official website. Director of “Yandex money” hoped that in this way more customers will want to install on a mobile phone app of “Yandex Money” and the app will gain in popularity. The Commission is not subject to any transfers between customers, payment of various services, the repayment of loans.

In order to make a transfer you need in your personal account choose from the phone contact list of the sender if in Your list of contacts no, just enter his email or phone number in a special window. If the recipient is the holder of the purse, the maximum transfer will be 60 thousand rubles, if he identified the wallet, you can send him at once to 400 thousand RUB. However, statistics shows that such large transfers almost no one performs, and the average amount of transfer is only 2,300 rubles.