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Webmoney provided the opportunity with a purse, denominated in MDL. However, this Shoe is not quite normal.

first, the wallet is created only for users with Moldova phone (+373). on

secondly, the names of purse – lay – different from all other types of wallets, which are referred to as VM*. This is not surprising, because the functionality of the wallet is very limited: it can be replenished, it is possible to make transfers to other MDL-wallets or to pay for the services of local operators myRunPay and also withdraw money from wallet to Bank account or cash. Nothing more.

thirdly, the Moldovan Standard wallet is available only for users, but not WinPro and sеlect webpro.

Partner service wallet in Moldova was the company RunPay – local operator of electronic money. The company also owns the country’s largest network of terminals (approximately 350 pieces).

add funds to your wallet or in terminals RunPay or by exchange to wmz in the Keeper. On the exchange the exchange is not made lei, and in the General tariffs information about the input or the output of the lei is also no. To use the output, you need to go all to the same sitemyRunPay in the category of “Banking services”.