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Conclusion WebMoney in 2016

The most common client requests include the Webmoney find information on the withdrawal of funds from the electronic purse on the Bank card or the account to the Commission remained within reasonable limits.

It should be noted that the transfer of money to a plastic card continues to be one of the most expensive ways of cashing Internet earnings. However, the high Commission more than compensates for the simplicity and speed of translation. The average enrollment is made within 5 minutes, regarding the withdrawal of money in Bank details is a reactive indicators.

Its mark on the functioning of the system of electronic money, and as a consequence, and the life enjoying her population, postpone the verification of regulatory authorities, monitoring and continuous auditing. 4 so may users have faced difficulties with the withdrawal of funds from ruble wallets to plastic cards of the Russian banks, which was caused by the revision of the Central Bank.

In the end, millions of customers were left without the ability to transfer funds in real and virtual cards, Bank accounts, cash of Visa/Mastercard. Staff Webmoney prefer to remain silent, but apparently, the company took seriously, and the overall trend is clearly hinting to us all that the NEP ends. Ahead of collectivization, and that means all the money and other assets must be quickly removed and hidden. Better suited for these purposes, the use of special exchange platforms, which include our service e-currency exchange.

Most importantly, do not let yourself to swing, to deceive and soothe. Practice of the last hundred years is relentless and shows only one thing: if the state aims at the citizens ‘ money, they will take away. This can be a method of direct violence, as a seizure of personal property in the era of Stalin’s terror or indirect confiscation of like “Pavlov’s” reform and the destruction of the contributions of the Soviet citizens when their overnight eaten up by inflation. So, while money is still available and the inevitable transition to the ration system has not come, learn to control the situation and take it into their own hands, especially while you still have options. Let’s describe them in order:
Exchange offices dealing in online mode

The easiest way to be a good save on the fee. It has already proved its effectiveness when, in March customers Webmoney pulled the plug the first time. Here you can transfer the funds from the purses on account in Yandex money, KIWI, Bank cards and even cash. Courses are constantly changing, but in comparison with other methods always work to the benefit of the client.
Telephone accounts of mobile operators Beeline and TELE-2

Another way, which is still available in July 2016, is the use of phone operators, Beeline and TELE-2.
Simply put, the phone number is filled up with e-wallet, then the funds are derived from the numbers. In may remained the most popular option Webmoney – TELE-2 – KIWI – Bank card. However, the music played long and prehensile hands control and reached out here. In may, the Commission on replenishment of BODY-2 reached 1.8%, and the monthly limit on free replenishment KIWI 2,500. Remembering from their own generosity, in August it will cut up to 1,000 rubles. In the Beeline Commission on top of the KIWI will be 6% and without it, you can only translate 500 rubles per month.
However, this operator offers many ways of cashing the money, one of them is a service of postal money transfers “UNISTREAM” and “CONTACT”. Here the Commission is equal to 2.99% on them plus 0,8 WM and 10 rubles from the top. Citizens of CIS countries, easier to transfer to their country, the Commission is not charged, but the money converted into local currency. The minimum for using the service “CONTACT” is 1000 rubles, with “UNISTREAM” – 100 rubles. The balance of the amount of telephone numbers can not be lower than 50 rubles.
Restrictions on output are:

5 thousand rubles a day to replenish the number;
15 thousand rubles a day, on withdrawal;
40 thousand roubles in week and month of the withdrawal.

Today it is the most secure option, where the user controls their money at all stages of the procedure. It also allows you to do without e-currency, adding to the phone bill directly.
The Use Of Wire Exchanger

Large amounts can be changed using the P2P mechanism, which is practiced by some exchanges, such as Wire Exchanger. Here the responsibility lies on the participants, and the resources only provide a platform to form the user rating. The disadvantages include low throughput, the flow of money only on Bank account and high fee. Their average size is 5-8% per transaction, with due zeal you can find the version and for 3%. Most relevant this method is for users who do not want to disclose to the banks in their actions. Partial transactions are not paid and can escape, which also contributes to inconvenience and uncertainty in time. The exchange agreement contains ambiguous language.
Withdrawal money from WMZ and WME purses, accordingly, dollar and Euro accounts

Operations can be performed on a Bank card is Alfa-Bank, Sberbank, Post office Bank. The main condition is to support Moneysend, preferably 3D Secure. For the immediate withdrawal of Visa, MasterCard can be up to 3 days. July 17, 2016, the size of the fee set at 2% + 3 WMZ / WME, the Bank charges interest for the conversion, if we are talking about the ruble cards.
Other banks have not been tested, and here a user should only rely on luck. Here its pitfalls lurk in the form of a foreign firm Paymaster24 Ltd, which has a mixed reputation and may lead to blocking of the card after which the money will be credited back to the electronic purse.
Experiments with small sums

You can transfer money to Russian Bank accounts using the system of TelePay. To do this, click site, you must consistently activated by selecting “Withdraw”, “Bank card”, “ruble”. Here WMR is transferred directly into roubles without prior conversion into dollars, the same operation is possible for the owners of formal certificates, in which case the limit is equal to not more than 36 thousand rubles per day. The Commission is very high: takes Webmoney 0.8%, they TelePay plus 2.5% and imposes WMR 200 on top. As in other cases, instantly filled up by Visa, MasterCard within 3 days. It is best to withdraw large sums, but the scheme has not worked, and something definite about it early to speak.
Output effortlessly

In June, Webmoney introduced a new service Cards.Exchanger. It is a stock exchange, similar to the Wire, where individuals can exchange money using a credit card. For this you need to apply, submit the card number and wait for a counter-proposal, in which the system operates automatically. The Commission is 2%+0,8%, and the user must have a personal passport. The waiting process may take a long time, and if the transfer times out, the money will be returned back without a fee.
Withdrawing money with the use of ePayments and AdvCash

Interesting and beneficial mechanism suitable for large dollar amounts involved where the ePayments resource that provides support for e-wallets and debit cards MasterCard. It is integrated with WM allows to transfer money in Commission of 1% + 0,8%. To do this, ordered a prepaid card, it is the first year served for free. The card allows without a fee to make online purchases and withdraw currency in the Russian ATMs at 2.60 USD, ruble withdrawal will cost 2,60 $ + 2.6 percent.

Bitcoin and Litecoin funds are transferred for free, and then you can activate them in dollars credited to service AdvCash either make the trade on the exchange and received rubles. In this case, the money is transferred to the Yandex, KIWI, Bank account, mobile number.

Itself AdvCash is a hybrid platform where it is possible to apply the wallet, and debit MasterCard AdvCash version suitable for Russia and Belarus, in the end, the map is the most profitable option.

The card costs $ 4.99 (in the first week after registration to AdvCash), if You decide to get a card later, then You pay 14.99 dollars.

The fee for foreign currency purchases in stores and online not be charged, and the ruble is the same at 2.6%. Every action obalu will cost 1.99$, but for the entire 3-year validity period of the card served for free.

Per month you can withdraw up to 90 thousand dollars a day to 3 thousand dollars worldwide. Fee for transfer from WebMoney to AdvCash is 2,98$ + 1.8%.

Registration and the first year of service on both resources, as well as installing a Bitcoin wallet, is completely free. The Board is taken solely for purchases in rubles, accounting for fixed 2,6% that MasterCard takes for the conversion.

To summarize the article, it is possible to paraphrase the famous words attributed to Winston Churchill: “You may not be interested in politics but politics still will be interested in your money.” Today state practice in the field of free circulation of Finance have tightened significantly, which instantly led to a rise in price of the majority of transfers of electronic money in cash.

Of course, we hope for the best, but here citizens are dealing with an inexorable logic, when the state seeks to impose absolute control over their wallet, and through him, and for private life. While the window of opportunity for withdrawal is still not completely shut, you have to take it as soon as possible. The amount of money on hand will allow you to maneuver in difficult conditions and survive the darkest times. Hurry! Withdraw your money, and our service will provide You with this essential and quick help!