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The comparison and selection of electronic currencies

The term electronic money sign “to the people of the Internet” for a long time. Simply put, with the help of electronic money carried out calculations on the Internet.

Their basic characteristics inсlude the fixing of the amount on the electronic equipment and the ability of the owner to make the final payments. The designation also covers the storage system of public and private currencies, operating in the framework of existing legislation, or applying the principle of extraterritoriality. In the latter case, a vivid example is the bitcoin electronic currency, not having a nationality and are not subject to control of officials and the banking system.

In modern conditions of e-cash is a complete analogue of traditional money. It has a wide circulation, allows you to save money, to lend, to pay for goods and services. Here are the guarantees are similar to conventional currencies, because the basis of electronic circulation are cash and cashless funds. In essence, electronic money represent obligations of the Issuer for the storage and servicing of Finance issued in the form of records on the account.

The simplest answer to the question what is virtual money will be the assertion that it is electronic cash that is used in network calculations. They are a full-fledged paper units with the exception of the method of treatment. If the normal banknotes require a direct transfer from owner to dealer or Bank to the employee, in the case of an electronic equivalent, the operations are performed without physical contact. The circulation of electronic notes made in the form of pair codes moving between carriers in the form of digital envelope. Performing a particular action, the device just pass each other information.

With all the convenience of e-currencies have some downsides. For example, the anonymity of the owner is significantly lower than the turnover of paper cash. You can always track with what the purse is made a particular transaction, establishing the identity of the owner. Unique and in-room digital banknotes. Total privacy provides bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but conventional platforms of network calculations like WebMoney or Yandex money the quality can not boast. In the rest of the e-purse works on the principle of a conventional Bank account.

He remains at the disposal of the owner, in some cases, it may be blocked, access restricted or some operations. Services network payment certified and act according to the law of the Russian Federation, taking on commitments and guarantees to customers. In controversial situations, the owners of the money can always address in law enforcement bodies, solving problems with them. To date, electronic bills have a number of advantages: traditional – in the form of convenience, portability and exchange, and digital like safe storage, durability, remote nature of the payments.
Overview of electronic currencies

Most popular electronic currency

Today we take a look at electronic payment systems, which had to be universally spread, becoming an alternative to Bank and cash. Featuring Russian and Russian-speaking people from other countries feature different types of e-currencies. Each of the below mentioned systems has its advantages and disadvantages, which should be more detail.
WebMoney is the undisputed leader of the Russian market of electronic money, for a long time occupied a dominant position. Founded in 1998 the company now has 30 million user profiles and the average annual turnover of 17 billion dollars. The main advantage of online advocates widespread, and the possibility of paying all the bills and services, including utilities. Of the minuses, stands high Commission (especially foreign currency) and difficulties with registration. Access to many functions is available only after sending the passport scan.
Yandex-money Review of electronic currency continues system Yandex money, which became the brainchild of the eponymous search engine. The emergence of the resource is dated 2002 when he acted as a partnership project and in 2007 received the independent status. Today, the ground is breathing in the back of the main competitor in the face of WebMoney, with about 22 million users. Clients have access to only the ruble wallets and calculations. The Yandex benefits from easy registration and a reduced fee to withdraw money.
Qiwi Company Qiwi gained popularity during the period of distribution of the terminal payment provider. Subsequently, here are the options of payments for other services, and the users have provided excellent functionality and the ability to start an e-wallet. At the time of registration, the client becomes the owner of the virtual card, the system also produces their own plastic. Terms of withdrawal of money, Qiwi it provides the best and convenient service among the Russian counterparts. Thus, in contrast to WebMoney, it is possible to have only a rouble account.
PayPal Wondering how to choose an electronic currency, the Russian, the user often looks to foreign services, primarily PayPal. For good-natured name (the translation sounds like “friend, helping to pay”) is hiding the us monopoly covering the lion’s share of the network calculations with a total of 179 million users. One of the advantages highlighted the ability to pay around the world and a high level of protection. However, so far outweigh the cons in the face of state bodies of the USA, and therefore the need to provide not only a passport, and MLA or social security number, and Bank account.
The catalog of electronic currencies is incomplete. In practice there are several systems, but due to its small geography and the lack of obvious benefits to the special interest they represent. Choosing a site, the user takes into account several factors, namely the amount of cash, foreign currency storage, the types of calculations needed privacy, protection of funds.

All of these resources are distinguished by the reliability and security of transactions. When viewed from the perspective of benefits, not to mention an inflated Commission WebMoney for withdrawal of money. In turn for using PayPal (including replenishment of the purse or the withdrawal of the money) may require verification (proof of identity).It is available only to citizens of the United States, Canada and great Britain, given that most calculations carried out by the robot, a sensible argument is not valid.

The Bitcoin system is added to the types of e-wallets that guarantees full freedom of financial turnover, returning customers to the world of pure capitalism, free from the influence of regulatory bodies and related fees.