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Rules of work with legal entities.


For the execution of operations of purchase and sale on behalf of a legal entity:

  • You must be a registered user of the site.
  • You must have authorization from the organization which you represent and on whose behalf will make the exchange transaction.
  • You must contact our Manager in any convenient way and do all the paperwork correctly.
  • All operations are carried out under the contract of purchase and sale ECB executed once, and the act of transfer and acceptance is executed for each transaction. Minimum amount of transaction for buying and selling must be at least equivalent to 200 000.00 RUB transactions for the sale of WM Jur. face are held with Commission 8%. Buy WM from legal. persons are with supplement to +2.5%.
  • During the transaction, you need to print, sign and stamp and send us copies via e-mail. These documents will be provided to you by your Manager. Payment on request is made only after we receive copies of documents.
  • Originals of documents in 2 copies, must be sent to the address that will be specified when making a request.

For violation of work regulations, all operations subject to cancellation listed sredsva return net of commissions of payment systems.


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