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Transfer of money with purses of WebMoney to Yandex money is carried out using several key ways. Wondering how to transfer WebMoney to Yandex, you need to bind to a WebMoney purse Yandex money, then the owner may, at any time to operate the two currencies. The Commission is 4.5%, and in addition, there is a still a few key terms. However, if you avoid these difficulties and want fast and guaranteed transfer money from one payment system to another, then the best option would be to exchange WebMoney to Yandex money here with the help of our service.

Further information will tell you how to bind the Yandex. money to WebMoney.

So, the service is available only to citizens of the Russian Federation, the account in Yandex money must go through the identification procedure. She has 3 levels:

Anonymous. It is issued at check-in when the client has a limit account in 15 thousand rubles, can only pay on the territory of Russia, cannot make transfers and withdrawals there is only 1 way – through ATM via MasterCard Yandex Money.
Registered. It is also available only to citizens of the Russian Federation, but the payment here can be done around the world already. The limit of the purse is equal to 60 thousand rubles, the funds can be sent by any user of this resource, withdrawal of funds is made by Visa card and MasterCard, MasterCard, Yandex Money and using the system Alfa-click;
Identified. Here, the user has 250 thousand roubles limit, all methods of removing and translations, as well as the possibility of paying bills throughout the world.

Answering the question whether it is possible to translate Yandex money, WebMoney, note that the owner of the WebMoney purse should have a level Certificate from formal and above with the condition that the information given on both sites are the same.

For direct binding, you go to the page in WebMoney, activate the service of linking accounts” and sеlect the option Yandex money.
Then selected R-purse, specify the his number and pressed the option “Continue”.
The client is offered the code of the bind operation that you want to copy.
Within 48 hours you must log into your account Yandex money and confirm the binding, which press the option “Balance” and then the link is entered the pairing code.
Followed on both platforms will be a special panel with the designation of services. Use them to transfer money. Yandex money to do this, click the option “Settings” then “Payment systems” and “Translate”.
>In WebMoney you need to go to the category “Wallets”, click on “Yandex money”. And then click on “Recharge wallet”.

Limit transfer from WebMoney to Yandex money is 300 thousand rubles per month, and the amount of a single payment not more than 15 thousand rubles. The minimum transfer amount equal to 10 rubles. Regardless of the amount of the payment, the Commission is 4.5%. Attention should be paid to security issues. At some sites the user can be prompted to make the exchange WebMoney to Yandex money without the binding of the purse. In this case, you should use only proven resources, which managed to acquire a reputation of a reliable partner.

Transfer of funds occurs within a few minutes, however, in some situations there may be delays. Worry is not worth it, especially since the client can always contact our support team and get all the required information about the transaction process. It is important to remember that the binding only covers the ruble wallets, currency WebMoney account can’t be bound, as to his translations.

If desired, the owner of the account in Yandex money and WebMoney always has the option to cancel the binding. To do this, go to the appropriate section and activate the special option “unbind”. Subsequently, it can always be restored, however, the whole procedure is performed again.