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WebMoney and Qiwi – two popular and widely used electronic money system. For comparison: in 2016, the total transaction volume through Qiwi wallets amounted to 1.7 billion dollars, and through the accounts of WebMoney – $ 2.2 billion.

Figures show the immense popularity of payment systems. Electronic non-Bank organizations, you can bind a payment card to their wallets, and accounts from other systems. Some entrepreneurs prefer to carry out transactions through the network monetary system.

A situation may arise when one person uses the wallets of both systems. Sometimes you need to transfer money from WebMoney to Qiwi. How to do it and what problems might be faced by the client?
The major difficulties and nuances

To transfer funds between two specified non-Bank payment systems need to:

1. To the user, the ruble purse WebMoney is only through this kind of account sharing is possible.
Fig. 1. Create ruble purse Webmoney

2. In the new version of WebMoney Keeper standard, all of the purses, card and account is specified in the dynamic line of the top of the page. At the end of this list there is a section “Attach” – “Electronic wallet”. This function should be used to bind to the ruble WebMoney account WebMoney.
Fig. 2. To attach an e-wallet

3. In the drop-down list, sеlect the payment system Qiwi (there will still be Yandex.Money), then the site will transfer you to a new tab where you have the opposite of the fourth section “To a QIWI wallet” press the button “Withdraw to wallet”.
Fig. 3 and 4. Choose the e-wallet Qiwi

4. The WebMoney will ask you to confirm the authorization using SMS-messages with the code on the attached phone. After entering the security code window will appear which will indicate your ruble purse WebMoney and the cell where you want to enter an account number in Qiwi.
Fig. 5. Attach the account Qiwi

5. The binding will probably have to confirm via Inbox, which opens access to Qiwi wallet. To do this, go back to the page of WebMoney Keeper Standard and dynamic line of wallets, accounts and cards, you need to sеlect “wallet”.
Fig. 6. sеlect “Transfer funds to wallet”

6. Next tab opens with the transfer between accounts. One column will be written the number of ruble accounts at Webmoney, a second – Qiwi wallet. Please note, to receive the exact amount for example 500 rubles, the number you need to enter the right cell and the left is displayed the amount of money to write off the fee for the transfer. For 500 rubles, the Commission fee will amount to 15 rubles. Then you only have to click the “Translate”button.
Fig. 7. To choose the necessary sum and to transfer

If it is not possible to link the wallets each other, you can use the services of private exchanges and private persons engaged in such operations.
Please note!

First, the exchange is possible only with the ruble purse, without it, the translations do not work. To make ruble purse WebMoney, you need to obtain a Formal certificate. To do this:

fill all personal and passport details in their profile, and then attach to the website scanners, your documents – the first page of passport page with residence permit and tax identification number;
within 1-2 business days WebMoney administration will consider the application and if all information is correct, give a Formal certificate.

Secondly, exactly specify all the data – this will affect the speed of the transaction and its correctness. Several times recheck the correctness of the data and only then send the transaction for processing.

Thirdly, transfer between wallets is limited, since it is impossible to transfer more than 15 thousand rubles, including Commission.

Fourth, if bind does not work, for example, need to quickly translate, and document is not, and you decide to take advantage of exchangers, or private individuals, verify its legality and claim any guarantee certificates, documents and any other information. It will help to challenge the actions of the intermediary, if necessary.