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Binding payment systems to Your WMID

According to the rules of the payment system Webmoney, PayPal / Skrill account must be tied to Your WMID certificate.

You can do this at https://passport.webmoney.ru/asp/aUserInfoPlus.asp

Enter your PayPal account (see image below). Please note that PayPal Email or Skrill Email must be the same as Email, which is registered WMID.


Otherwise, the system will issue the error: found error in these data: Account (Account) paypal@account.com / skrill@account.com system paypal.com / skrill.com must match the email address in the personal data WMID 123456789012 and this Email needs to be verified.


If the Email addresses differ, then You should add in the PayPal account / Skrill additional Email address listed on Webmoney and confirm it via the link that came in the letter. Thus You will be able to accept payments with PayPal / Skrill for both addresses attached to the account.

Click on the “Save” button and You can apply on our website.


If for any reason the binding is still not possible (You send to the partner, etc.), then contact support, we will try to resolve this issue.