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How not to fall for scams when using QIWI wallet

At all times there is a certain percentage of citizens who do not wish to work and develop, preferring to live for others, namely, to Rob and cheat. Of course, such a contingent could not ignore electronic money, especially in the first phase here they discovered a virgin land. Today the situation has changed, improved security systems, and are themselves wary of the account holders. Practice outlined several basic tenets by which customers of electronic systems will be able to protect your finances and personal data.

First of all, you need to identify ways of hacking wallets, and then to offer an effective antidote. So, in Russia one of the most popular electronic payment services remains the system QIWI. To bypass its protection, cyber – crooks have put a lot of effort, using cunning, often triggered in real life. Spyware disguised as funds for sick children and kittens and other options the pressure on the pity and conscience. Go with a Bang methods from the Arsenal of Cat Basilio and Fox Alice, such as the proposed download programs that allow you to:

Internet “earnings”;
The increase in “profit”;
Tips traders;
Fantastic income with each click;
Affiliate system.

After these fraudulent transactions, your money back may be problematic as they in turn know all the details of the withdrawal with Qiwi and use gray methods.

Not to fall into this trap quite easily. No need to believe in magical ways network earnings, they don’t exist, and all the super suggestions in this area are related to the desire to get YOUR money, but not give their.

Another option for identity theft and the subsequent hacking of the purse QIWI is the use vulnerabilities when working with the terminal. They accompany us in public places and are very popular. Here, the scammers are actively gutting the trash bins in search of discarded receipts. Then they easily find your personal information as phone numbers and by automatic selection of passwords hacked wallet. To prevent theft will help tearing the cheque to pieces, and even better to break his house and throw it in a garbage bag.

Another option hacking wallet QIWI continues to be specialized software. Today it’s very seriously being improved, literally daily and exponentially. It should be noted that we are talking about a criminal offence, the punishment for which is provided a few paragraphs of article 159 of the criminal code. To avoid troubles, allow the storage of personal data with you when you login, telephone number, and, especially, the password is never transmitted unnecessarily.

Here it is necessary to dwell in detail, because most of the hacks of the electronic wallet associated with the credulity of its owner. So people are happy to log in on the website offering an automatic increase of money in the account, and even buy the “key” to downloaded for these purposes programs. Typically, after activation of the purse lost last amount.

There is also a more sophisticated scheme designed for the greed and the excitement of the naive citizens. The scammers offer the user a magical account all expenses which kompensiruet in double – triple the size. For a start are encouraged to try a small amount of 50-10 rubles. After a while, when the owner of the wallet is a taste and decides to cut a big sum of money, he sends almost the entire capital that mysteriously disappears.

Moreover, there are cases when the opportunity to return the money customers agree to participate in criminal schemes and the “throw” of other naive users, subscribing and even outright criminality.

Avoid all the above methods of fraud allows care and reasonable prudence. Particularly concerned citizens can still deliver the crooks of the problem, for example, be in law enforcement bodies with the statement with the request to check the “auxiliary Fund” or “partnership service”. However, life is able to revenge a lot tougher, and deceived customers should pay close attention to their own credulity, not to get into a similar situation in the future.