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WebMoney is an international electronic payment system, which was formed in 1998. Today she managed to pass the milestone of 31 million registered users. The company does not limit activities to a particular region, but the bulk of the clients were citizens of the Russian Federation and other countries of the former USSR. The functionality of the resource provides users with tools that allow you to save money, share them, pay for purchases, receive fees for services and transfers. One of the features of the system remains irrevocable nature of the operations, when the translation or the money for a service it is impossible to take back.

The system user receives a wallet. He has an individual number may be foreign currency or ruble. The number of wallets is unlimited and for customer convenience, they are registered in the United WMID. Depending on the used currency wallets are denoted by:

WMR Ruble purse;
WMZ Dollar purse;
WME Purse Euro;
WMU – Ukrainian hryvnia;
WMB – Belarusian ruble;
WMK – the Kazakh tenge;
WMG (WM Gold;
WMX – Cryptocurrency.

They can make at their own discretion, and to convert the money between wallets. The exchange rate is poor, eliminating the WebMoney of the number of playing fields on exchange rates. First and foremost it acts as a design tool, a place for storage of money and means of electronic payment. The owner of the wallet can Deposit funds, withdraw money, send them to other users within a single system WebMoney. The ability restricts the level of Certification. It has a direct impact on the monetary limit the availability of some features and above all the versions of the output.

A certificate is an electronic document. It combines the user’s personal data, age, address, telephone number and other information. Level of Certification can be of several types and today users of the system the following options are available:

Alias passport. It is produced for all participants at the time of registration of the purse. They have the most ways to Deposit and online calculation. The limit of funds is limited to 15 thousand rubles and transfer money into cash (directly) will not work.
Certificate formal. It is found in two versions: checked and unchecked. In the first case, the user gives the moderators a scanned image of the passport, the second passport data drives in the appropriate category, but the scan does not poison. The limit remains the same, but users get a number of functions. In particular, they can withdraw the money through postal services, Bank cards, accounts, e-wallets, third-party payment systems to cash on hand of certain networks. Unverified certificate deprives the owner of most of the functions.
The initial certificate. Here the limit is equal to 300 thousand roubles that allows to use the system for small business. Unlike previous levels, the Initial Certificate is issued for a fee. There are free options that require the user some effort.
Certificate Personal. The highest level, issued by the Registrar and provides full confidence of the system. In particular, the owner may conduct his own Internet business, to participate in the Arbitration, to perform exchange operations.

Along with several types of Certificates, users have various options for management of electronic wallet. They are all United in the vault WebMoney Keeper, having a few basic versions:

Keeper Mini. Is an e-wallet online payment system. Access is available from any browser when showing a username and password. To the purse to link your account in social networks;
Keeper Light. Is an e-wallet online payment system with more than in the previous version functionality. Entrance here is also carried out using login and password;
Keeper Classic. Standard tool payment system. Is software that requires installation on a PC with the availability of the Windows operating system. The entrance is with a key located on the file system or media storage E-NUM;
Keeper Mobile. Mobile app for any smartphone and the phone. Suitable for most mobile OS.

The Deposit and withdrawal of money is carried out in a variety of ways, including the use of terminals, postal orders, direct cash payments, dispatch of Finance from Bank accounts, plastic cards and other options. As already noted, the availability of a particular method depends on the level of Certificate. First and foremost, it affects the ability to obtain funds because the Deposit account in accordance with the established limit in General, no problems with meets. In any case, even with all the difficulties, the user can obtain the money. In particular, they can be deduced via the phone number, personal account of the Internet, by sending to the account of a trusted user with a higher Certificate, etc.

More recently, the resource began to cooperate actively with other online platforms e-payments. First of all, Yandex money and QIWI. Here was wallets can be tied to WebMoney. After this tool, you can not only convert, but to even pay the purse, using the interface Yandex money, Kiwi. In addition, WebMoney can be used as a intermediary pad to transfer money from Kiwi to Yandex money and Vice versa because of direct cooperation between resources does not exist.

In conclusion, we should add that WebMoney is a pioneer of the domestic Internet in the field of introduction of electronic payments and methods of calculation. Today the service has worthy competitors, but that’s exactly the case when quality is time-tested.