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Rapida, a Russian payment online, whose users can at any time to pay for telephone, Internet, utilities and other services. Special popularity the system has the creators sites, make money from ads Google Adsense. It is through the rapid they help raise money, getting them to the nearest post office, enrolling at the cards and translating into e-purses of other payment systems. The resource opened in 2001 and since then is active in the domestic market of electronic payments. At the same time, his fame much lower than what the competitors of WebMoney, QIWI and Yandex money.

This feature is associated with the original focus of the service to work with large companies like banks, utilities, search engines and other serious players. Work with individuals were marginalized, but the gap is gradually eliminated.

The company is increasing its customer reach, slowly and surely becoming a worthy alternative to other payment systems, including Russian and foreign services. EWallet funding is made through terminals, banks and retailers, including such well known operators as “SVYAZNOY”, “EUROSET”, “TECHNOSILA”. In total, the service has more than 100 thousand points of reception of payments, allowing at any time to put money into the account and make the necessary transaction.
System features Rapid

Today, the customer service system presents two main website:

https://www.rapida.ru/ created mostly for serious charges, including fees on loans, utility payments and fines.
https://wallet.rapida.ru/ designed for online payment for everyday goods and services. Here it is recommended to register to individuals, which the system presented the developed functionality. Among others, it allows you to automate payments and also withdraw cash in other electronic payment system.

Offering user the opportunity to pay the mortgage and to carry out other transactions using the mobile number by sending a certain combination of numbers to short number.

Both sites have a nice design and intuitive interface designed for maximum convenience for customers.
The registration system and types of accounts

To register for the site and Rapid to initial account, the user will have to go through 3 stages. For a start, he fills in the form, putting your mobile number which performs the function of login.

Fill in all the fields, press the option “OK” and waits for the letter that comes to the specified mailbox. It contains a combination of letters and numbers to be inserted in the proposed form.

Making sure code by pressing the Confirm button, the user goes to the third stage, having specified phone number an SMS with a password, which later will be used to login.

The client immediately prompts you to log in with your username and password, and then it accesses a Menu with all the functions of the resource.

This account has limitations – the total amount of transactions per month may not exceed 40 thousand rubles, and the amount of storage should not be more than 15 thousand rubles.

In order to be able to store up to 60 thousand rubles., to transfer up to 200 thousand rubles., as well as withdraw money, the user needs to personifitsirovano. For this, there are items called Contact. They are located in different cities of our country. There the client goes with a passport and for $ 250 the staff of the Department perform the process of personification. This can also be done in Moscow, in the office of LLC NPO “Rapida”. However, the office is temporarily closed.

The new status will be confirmed by the system within 3 calendar days.

You should know that accounts can be created at both sites, and private users are looking https://wallet.rapida.ru/ allowing to withdraw money.
Methods of Deposit and withdrawal of money in the service of Rapida

System users there are several ways to top-up the account. These inсlude:

Bank transfer;
Making money through the offices of “Mail of Russia”;
The cash retail chains: “TECHNOSILA”, “EUROSET”, “SVYAZNOY”.

Under either option Deposit system will Rapid charge of 2.1%.

Withdrawal is also carried out in several ways, including:

Postal order;
Bank account;
Bank card;
The transfer of funds to the wallet, other electronic payment systems (WebMoney, Kiwi, Yandex money).

Here, the Commission ranges from 0.45% to 3%. It is most advantageous to transfer money to RBK money, here the percentage of 0,45%. With mail order you will lose 2.5% when displayed on the card – about 2%.
The advantages and disadvantages of the payment system Rapida

Like other payment services, the Rapid site has a lot of advantages, it is not devoid of drawbacks. For a start we should look at the pros:

The ability to pay for term loans and other bills irrespective of the financial institution;
Payment is made with a minimum Commission or zero Commission (from 0% to 1.2%), executing home and any other point of access to the Internet;
The functionality of the payment system is constantly expanding, presenting to clients additional opportunities;
On the website you can always track the current status of the payment, having received exhaustive information about the whereabouts of their money;
Subscribers of the mobile operators “BEELINE” and “MEGAFON” make payments directly from the phone, indicating the transaction ID and the amount that will be debited from the eWallet account.

Service users celebrate Rapid and disadvantages, among which inсlude:

High tariffs on the withdrawal. In slow motion, the Commission remains one of the highest in the market, not allowing the system to achieve scale and attract more individual users;
Periodic cessation of cooperation with private banks;
Limit a withdrawal to WebMoney system Google Adsense is 14 500 RUB., restrictions apply to other payment systems;
The complicated procedure of identification and the need to go to the center Contact to personalize.

The source of the popularity of the site

The main advantage is convenience Rapida grounds for withdrawal of money from advertising Google Adsense. In 2008, he chose rapid as a service for online transfer of the money, which was used by thousands of developers across the country.

Initially to get money from Google Adsense required to apply, wait for a registered letter with a cheque and then cash it at the Bank. However, in 2011 the procedure of registration and identification has become more complicated both for the users of Google Adsense and other customers.

The system of Rapid money come directly into the account and then the client displays them in a convenient way. The user can configure a special template, when money from Google Adsense will automatically go on WebMoney.
The rest service provides traditional services, allowing you to make online payments anywhere and anytime.