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Review payment system Payeer

Payment system Payeer added to the list of global services, working with electronic money. Currently, the platform, organized by the efforts of enthusiasts from Tbilisi, rapidly gaining popularity and is trying to push eminent competitors. In its favor, says convenience and versatility. The user receives at its disposal a wide range of functions, allowing to perform any operation.

First of all, the customer service appears to be anonymous, this means that the verification pass not necessarily, with significant differences from a verified account and is not verified no, the only difference is the limits and extent of the trust account.

To register in the system the user putting your email address.

The registration process in Payeer. Screenshot 3

Then the mailbox will be notified with a confirmation code which must be entered on the website. The process is very easy and will not take too much time.

The registration process in Payeer. Screenshot 1

After confirming the code, you need to attend to the safety of your account, to enter a secure password and secret word, which you may need, in case you forget your details.

The registration process in Payeer. Screenshot 2

The functionality of the payment system

In the list of financial instruments Payeer service includes the following services:

Financial transfers around the world. Users have access to transactions within the system, and also withdrawals on the external site and your Bank account. Operations are fast, while the sender pays the minimum fee. In comparison with competitors ‘ offers, terms system much more profitable;
The member of the service can exchange currency on-site, inside quotes. Funds are easily derived in the banking and plastic cards, and then get at ATMs. Payments can be set for automatic execution;
Affiliate program. Clients of the resource can involve referrals and make a profit. Everything will depend on the activity referral. Initially, you will receive 10%
25% of deals later, the percentage drops below the 1% – 5%
The functionality of the system includes the option API allows you to pay bills online stores, regardless of territorial and legal identity. The tool allows you to manage e-wallets, bill, to issue virtual cards
A private account is replenished in a variety of ways, of which the owner chooses the most convenient. Withdrawal is also characterized by simplicity and speed. In addition, the money to an unregistered customer that allocates Payeer among all sites. Ie, the user can send money by email to another user, even if he is not registered in this system. He will mail a notification of the transfer.
Some payment systems such as Okpay, AdvCach, BTC-E and SWIFT, I can keep my wallet in Payeer without a fee. In General, the rates for Deposit Payeer in different payment systems vary greatly. For comparison, the translation using a VISA card will cost $ 6.86, the Kiwi 8.5 dollars (for a $ 100 transfer), a transaction with WebMoney will cost $ 26.
Payments security is ensured by protective combinations used in each transaction. Before receiving the money in a special field to enter the received SMS code. It should be remembered that SMS are paid and $ 0.05 per message;
There is no limit on the translated or the funds received. This allows customers to use their money without limitations and, coupled with affordable rates Payeer turns in uncontested service.

Interface payment system

Interface to payment system Payeer

Clients the system offers a convenient menu with instant access to the most popular features. Even in the absence of knowledge of services of electronic money, people will be able to perform any operation. At the time of registration, participants are provided with a personal account with extensive navigation and setup. For the thoughtful and intuitive interface, payment system you can safely put the estimate – 5!

I must say that due to the possibility of unlimited transfers, Payeer has become the preferred option for commercial use. As a financial platform online store, exchange or auction, the system demonstrates high reliability, guaranteeing smooth transactions at any time of the day.

In addition, customer service can:

To pay services of cellular operators and Internet service providers
Withdraw money to the wallets and accounts of other electronic payment systems, as well as in the social network
To pay for goods and services worldwide.

Perspectives of system Payeer

Despite the short period of operation, the resource has managed to stand out among other similar sites. The presence of anonymity, a parallel lack of limits allowed him to beat the competition. Because of the ubiquity of the Internet, even in financial calculations, more and more people aspires to remain incognito. This is due to fear of fraud, Blackmailers and fear of the security services.

The threats are real, but until recently, users had no chance to earn money and not to divulge personal information. With the advent Payeer such opportunities appear, because unlike other sites, she goes to the administrative authorities. In the first place put the privacy of clients, which allows us to return to the good old financial secret. For a long time it was neglected in favor of public safety, but in practice people don’t flaunt their expenses and income. On the market there was a demand for anonymity, was able to take advantage of the situation. In addition, it stands out for the speed of operations when the funds are deposited to the account almost instantly.

As a means for online payment, Payeer suited both sellers and buyers. The combination of all advantages makes it one of the most promising systems that determine further development of e-Commerce.