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The OkPay payment system – registration, Deposit, withdraw, and features of the system

OKPay is a fairly reliable payment system, which currently uses more than a million people from different parts of the world. It was founded in the early 2000s, with the idea that there is complete safety in the use of digital currency.

Such a huge number of system clients acquired in the first place, thanks to the simple to use and functional. People need to have their money applied correctly. OKPay provides it. The transfer of funds takes a minimum amount of time, the service quality is good.

In working with the system never difficulties arise, moreover, it provides all the assurance that your money will be stored securely. The fact that the company has sufficient cash resources to cover any financial losses in case they occur (for example, as a result of a system failure).

As one of the most significant advantages is the fact that the payment system provides an opportunity to open your own personal offshore account. The user OKPay it is possible to arrange a plastic card, which in the future he will be able to pay in shops or cash in the currency the ATM. Also available in the virtual card, which is suitable to make Internet purchases.
All this makes the service attractive for private individuals and for businesses. For business clients to provide a range of services aimed at helping businesses. Using the system the employer may organize the wage workers, to accrue bonuses to customers, to make payments to suppliers, etc.
Another enjoyable moment is the low fee for internal transfers. 0.5% of the payment amount.
Account registration

Window registration in OkPay

In order to register, follow these steps:
1. Go to the home page of the service www.okpay.com

2. The first thing you notice is the orange button “start”. Press it and go directly to registration.

3. Then you will be prompted to choose the form of ownership – corporate or personal.

Personal form suits you in that case, if you are a regular user, and service you need for basic operations (transfer/receive money, top-up accounts, etc.)

Corporate form you choose in the case if you are registering on the website as the company or the enterprise. This form is intended to simplify working with the system for legal entities.

4. Enter your contact information.

At this stage check OKPay asks for country of residence name, surname, telephone number and e-mail. Be sure to enter accurate information. Otherwise on the later stages of the treatment service, you may have difficulty, and registration will take place again.

5. Check your email.

Like most sites, after registration, OKPay will send you an email. By opening this letter, you will be able to click on the link to confirm your registration.

The deadline for registration in OkPay
Account verification

Typically, the next step in getting acquainted with the system is to verify. However, it is not necessary. The verification can be ignored, and to retain the ability to be an anonymous user. It will not take away your ability to make payments, but would impose on them a limit of 300 euros per 30 days. In addition, withdraw to a Bank card you can not, but you will always have the opportunity to transfer to another payment system.

So, if the limitations cause frustration, the user is prompted to complete a simple verification process.

You’ll need to scan/take a picture of any document proving your identity. It can be a passport or driver’s license.
The service requires not only confirm your identity, and confirm your place of residence. For this you will need a scanned document with the address of residence. They can even be a check on utility bills. The only condition is that there should be written your name (that you specified during identity verification).
The last and the easiest stage of verification is the confirmation of your phone number. On the page with the verification telephone number, check whether a valid number that was specified during registration. Get verification code and enter it in the appropriate field.

All of these actions are quite tedious, but it will not take you much time. Besides, passing the verification, you do not have absolutely no restrictions!
Depositing to OKPay

If you need to fill your wallet, find the button “insеrt money to account” on the right side of the screen. OKPay offers a wide range of Deposit methods, but charge a hefty Commission.
For example, if you transfer money from other payment systems, you will lose from 0 to 10%.
For Bank transfer, the client will pay a Commission of 0% to 5%.
Replenish your wallet with the mobile phone even more profitable – the amount of the fee will range from 8 to 10%.
If transfer credit cards Visa and MasterCard, you will lose 4%.
The system recommends to replenish the purse through third – party services- exchangers using WebMoney or Qiwi. Staff OKPay saying that so the customer will lose less money when enrolling. Thus, it is possible to monitor (for example, here http://spb-exchanger.ru ) to find the most suitable for translation pad. Typically, finding one good option, you will use it all the time. To use the exchange is that the money into your OKPay will go for a few minutes, and you will be able to dispose of them on.

Depositing OkPay
Withdrawal from OKPay

Next to the button “add money to account” you will find the button “Withdraw”. Clicking on it, you will have the opportunity to choose one of the most popular methods: withdrawal to Bank account or on card. Commission for withdrawal is slightly less than for the completion (on average about 3-4%).

In the derivation, as well as with enrollment, you can use the exchanger. It is no secret that competent use of the exchange speeds up the process and often saves money. However, it sometimes happens that the use of exchangers lost money, so we need to be on the lookout.

Another effective method of withdrawal from the system is the transfer of money to offshore card OKPay. First, to carry out financial transactions within the same system always better. Second, you have a 100% guarantee that your money will not be lost in the translation process.