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Description of the payment system EasyPay

Electronic payment system EasyPay was established in the Republic of Belarus in 2004 and today is perhaps the only purely Belarusian system. This payment service has been built thanks to the cooperation of Bank “Belagroprombank” and “Open contract”. The system is connected to the acquiring of international Visa cards and Master Card, as well as to an automated system of single settlement and information space (SSIS) or, as it is called, “System Calculation”, created by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

Payment system EasyPay

The main and only currency in EasyPay is the Belarusian ruble. To register a wallet is quite simple. You only need to fill out a simple form and agree to the terms of the offer provide by using the check-boxes. Further standard procedure on receipt of the letter and passing on the link to confirm. Clicking on the presented link, the client immediately receives the eight-digit account number, which in combination is login. Immediately be issued a password to log on to the website, a welcome phrase, and a reusable control code. Control code necessary to confirm payments. Keep in mind that the score at the opening is not personalized and you will need to visit the Bank with your passport. Your application will be considered three days.

Registration form in EasyPay
The service

EasyPay is an electronic money that allow system users to quickly and efficiently transfer the funds via Internet or via SMS messages. This payment system is focused on residents of the Republic of Belarus and allows them to pay almost all bills and services ranging from paying for housing and ending payments to the satellite TV operators. Payment system EasyPay allows users to make purchases in online stores, and they in turn receive payments from buyers. All standard transactions, including purchase and payment through the service to the user free of charge. The exception is the transfer operation from one account to another EasyPay. In this situation, the Commission will be 2% of the amount transferred. There are limits on operations, is given in basic units. The company’s website says that 1 basic unit is equal to 21 RUB. See here https://ssl.easypay.by/status/ .

Just recently there was a mobile app EasyPay, how it works, time will tell. To manage e-wallet, you can use SMS commands. Messages are accepted only from the Belarusian cellular communication operators, and additional Commission system EasyPay is not charged, however, it is worth considering that the mobile operator will charge you according to their own tariffs.
The Deposit and withdrawal of funds

The completion of the purse for citizens of Belarus is not any problems. There are many ways to Deposit funds. The easiest and most accessible is through the post office, which is in every village. Transfer of funds happens quite fast, from 1 hour to 24 hours in rare cases. The Commission is not charged. Also no-fee cards can be topped up with Kara BGB or in the office of the Bank, with the exception of credit cards where you will retain 1.5 per cent. All other entry methods, ranging from info-kiosks and ATMs and ending points of the cash acceptance will cost the owner of the account from 1 to 1.5 % of the Deposit amount.

With the withdrawal much worse. Their hard-earned cash can only be obtained in the office already referred to the Bank or its linked credit card. On the map, the money will appear almost instantly, but in the office you need to go the next day. For this service, the service will get a remuneration of 3% of the amount withdrawn. At the moment on the website of the system other ways of withdrawal is not indicated, though previously mentioned about the transfer at any post office. Again, that conclusion is relevant only for verified wallets.

That’s what is nice about this service is security. This side is electronic life is left to chance. Even a welcome phrase unique to each account holder and provides an excellent counter-phishing. The security system consists of six levels. In the first stage, enter username and password and using secure SSL Protocol. The second Bastion is the use of control codes and on-screen keyboard. At this stage, the security can be further strengthened by purchasing one-time codes, where each operation will be used in your unique code. The third stage involves control of the owner of the session and the IP address of the computer from which you are transaction. About the fourth we have already mentioned, it’s a welcome phrase. The last areas of protection allow the suspected fraud immediately to block the purse or limit access to the resource and specific addresses in the network.
The pros and cons of the system

The ability to pay for almost all within the Republic can be called the main advantage of EasyPay, and it is not taken commissions. EasyPay does not require special hardware or software. The ability to manage account via mobile phone good help for people who need responsiveness. The advantages include the ease and accessibility of Deposit and of course, layered security system.

Cons are present, and they are quite substantial.

In our view, the biggest of them is the obsession with EasyPay solely on Belarus. Outside the country the payment service is practically useless;
Withdrawal methods is very small and the Commission is manifestly excessive;
Large fees for transfers between accounts;
Users have to provide information about yourself for verification. In view of this, to act anonymously in the service impossible.

How the payment system EasyPay is common at home, is unknown since all data on the number of service users classified or located in a locked access.