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The start of the payment system “the WORLD” came on April 1, 2015 and, despite implying the jokes and pranks date, the Government has treated the process seriously. It was he who initiated the creation of the payment system and subsequent emission of plastic cards, released 15 Dec 2015. The new system was initially run as an alternative to Visa and MasterCard. At the time of release there was a high risk of terminating their activities on the territory of the Russian Federation in connection with the sanctions and other geopolitical tensions. As a result, Russian customers could be cut off from the international payments without the appropriate calculation tool.

National plastic card “the World”

According to the organizers, own plastic card should strengthen the position of the Central Bank in disputes with the international payment systems. So the same Visa and MasterCard were obliged to carry out all Russian transactions in the country, but to date the requirement is not met. In addition, the creators of the map of the WORLD inspired by international experience, especially Chinese practice. Local resource China UnionPay has managed to oust major players in the domestic market and is trying to spread its influence outside of China.
Maps of the WORLD and competitors

In comparison with the competitors Visa and MasterCard, the map of the WORLD loses as a result of several factors. First, today it is not even on the territory of Russia accepts a limited number of ATMs. The same applies to business networks, while competitors, which according to the creators, the map of the WORLD should universally supersede, accepted everywhere. In other countries, the WORLD map does not apply, since we are talking about a purely Russian payment site. As a result, it largely makes no practical sense and not very popular with banks and their customers.
Maps of the WORLD and banks

However, the creators of the payment system in the face of officials not to lose heart and made financial institutions an offer of cooperation. As a result, in 2015, the issue and service of cards of the WORLD was carried out by 7 banks, and to date their number has increased to 114 PCs In this list includes such large companies as:

VTB 24;
Raiffeisen Bank;
Russian standard.

The complexity of widespread implementation of the card caused by the need to reprogram each individual ATM. The work is done by hand, in the case of large banks requires tremendous effort and financial investment.

At present, the cost of maintenance of payment cards the WORLD is not higher than that of similar offerings from Visa and MasterCard. As a visual comparison the following table of the cost of production and maintenance of maps the WORLD in several banks:


VTB 24


The issue





from 300 rubles

from 300 rubles

from 150 rubles


450 rubles per year

500 rubles per year

750 rubles in the first year. 450 rubles in the following years

The organizers of the system, there are serious plans to enter the international level. Promotion goes in three directions:

In the framework of the Eurasian economic community. It is planned that the card will be accepted in Armenia, Belarus and other CIS countries;
Through cooperation with payment systems. There is now a joint project with MasterCard and AmericanExpress and JCB Japanese structure;
On a tourist line in States with high flow of Russian travelers. Here, it is assumed to enter into contracts with local banks, which will produce maps of the WORLD for Russian tourists.

In the future, possible extension of the range of validity of the card, allowing the use of plastic even after crossing the border.
Map WORLD and state employees

Despite the bravura statements and projections, the population has been slow to get maps of the WORLD, preferring proven products. Given that all new moves with difficulty, representatives of the Central Bank decided to accelerate the process and found the payment system an almost unlimited flow of customers. Way out become state employees, which resolved completely translated on system. It maps the WORLD will be used for payment of wages. Moreover, according to the projects by January 1, 2018, the majority of public sector employees will receive the coveted plastic. The number of payment card users will rise to several tens of millions of people.

A kind of test of the pen was the card issuing WORLD Bank VTB 24. In the amount of 124 thousand pieces they were released to conscripts, called up in the fall of 2016. The plans of financial institutions the creation of 350 thousand cards for public sector employees. In all cases the release was carried out free of charge, but for the service the Bank shall charge an annual fee.

The plans of the founders and lobbyists of the system met with criticism. In particular, experts questioned the possibility to oblige the citizen to use one or another card. In this case, there is imposed a service because card service is not free, and the tariff basis. Despite all the arguments, the critical approach found no response even from the representatives of the banking sector, noting public benefits in the receiving state employees salaries by one operator.

While the initiative is not framed at the state level, however, obligations for binding of payroll accounts to the system of the WORLD already exist. According to the schedule, banks already by the end of 2017, are required to tie the system to 80% of retail outlets, especially objects whose quarterly turnover exceeds 10 million rubles.
The types of payment cards the WORLD

Today users are offered 3 types of payment cards the WORLD, designed for individuals and corporate clients:

A classic map of the WORLD. Loan product for payments in the Internet and conventional stores. The client can use the borrowed money to the Bank, and also Deposit their own funds;
Debit card WORLD. Prepaid product where the client itself fills the bill. To date, the action is spread only on the Internet. In commercial networks debit card as means of payment is not accepted;
Premium card WORLD. Gives the owner many possibilities including calculation of the Internet and real life, access to financial transactions through the personal account, cashback. Option SMS alerts activated for free. The reward card can be treated as a credit and debit type.

The main advantage of new products declared independence from international payment systems. From the point of view of practical use for customers, the cards have WORLD no advantages over Visa and MasterCard. It is planned to reduce the maintenance cost, because all operations located in the Russian territory.

In favor of cards tells the administrative resource, which will provide them with a permanent customer base. However, the system is already operating and in the future will contribute to market competition, which ultimately always benefits the client.