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Business Social network WebMoney events and received a significant redesign and several new features to simplify the solution of collective problems.

events.webmoney.ru and are already using more than 9 million users for project management, monitoring and goal setting, working with personal and business pages, as well as communication with business partners.

the new version greatly improved the search function. You can search using numerous filters: groups, events, contacts, tasks, messages, documents, or using the option “Anywhere”.

Now you don’t miss an invitation to a new group, the request to add to contacts or mention your profile in the discussions – all notifications are collected in a single element at the top of the screen.

The files in the group will be easier to add with the function of drug-and-drop, and list all the files in the group is now reflected in a separate sidebar on the right.

a Number of changes have occurred in the business pages. You can change the design of the page by downloading the appropriate cover, and immediately start fundraising for your project. This tool is especially useful if you have your own website.

The possibility of raising funds for projects in the events directly connected with the service now WebMoney financing. Selecting “fundraising” for funding in the framework of the business page, the project for funding and the widgets are generated automatically. At the same time, on the business page appears a block of collecting funds.

Work with WebMoney events has become more convenient not only from a stationary computer but also from mobile devices thanks to the improved adaptability of the site.