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Methods WebMoney to Yandex.Money

Many users have multiple e-wallets. However, not all account holders know how to carry out a transfer from the purse WebMoney to Yandex account. For this there are various methods, the choice of which take into account the speed of translation and the amount of interest rate.
Using the WebMoney account

Binding electronic billing provides a quick and simple way of interaction. It is important that the user had opened both accounts: Yandex and WebMoney. To bind the first purse to the second is easy:

To get authorized at WebMoney. It is important to note that needs to be obtained a formal certificate.
To login to your account Yandex. It is important that the status was nominal.
WebMoney to tie the purse Yandex. Money.
Wait for the verification code and go to the page POISON.
After being prompted with a verification code you can immediately take advantage of the transfer.

After that, the owner of purses will be able to transfer money from one account to another. Each account will be displayed on the purse.

There is another way is the transfer card. For this WebMoney account you need to choose a funds transfer to a Bank card. No matter what organization it is released. The main thing that was implemented linking to Yandex money.

Snap wallet

Another simple option – transfer with the use of the service POISON. For this you need to use to recharge electronic account located at the bottom of the page. The Commission is 4.5%. You can translate up to 15 thousand rubles per day, or 300 thousand per month. The user must:

On the page of Yandex click on the button WebMoney.
To be identified through filling an online application. This allows you to get personal status.
Then, returning to the page translation, you need to refer to the instructions for binding the purse WebMoney. After going through all the steps you can see how each account will appear another panel of the purse.

Now you can go to the page of the Webmoney at any time and choose the option to add wallet. To help all users a calculator that will calculate a Commission for a certain amount of the withdrawal.

The use of exchangers

Many of you know already that there are virtual exchanges that help to quickly transfer money. It is important before the procedure to check them, so as not to fall for scams. Other resources allow you to transfer funds to citizens of Russia and non-residents, i.e. foreign citizens staying in the territory of the Russian Federation.

To exchange WebMoney to POISON without registering the purse. Some online exchangers offer low-interest when you transfer. Can be converted not only rubles but also the other currency at the exchange rate.

Centralized systems monitored sites, to offer customers the best conditions. On the website you can see a table with the numbers in real time. The visitor selects the exchange WebMoney on Yandex address means, and it shows the rating of currency exchangers that can perform this operation.

After selecting the service, you can click on a row and automatically get to the site. Enter the account details and the amount you need to translate. The calculator will show the Commission. It is important to remember about the features: the exchange is only already tied the purse and the sum of the percentages may be different for each resource in the big or smaller party.

Some are transferred using Bank cards. For this you need to conduct a transaction with WebMoney for a Bank card bound, and then with her on Yandex purse. You can save 1% of the funds.