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How to transfer WebMoney dollars into rubles

In the WebMoney system provides wallets, equivalent to major world currencies. Analog of acts WMR ruble, the us dollar is denoted USD, and that among them committed the lion’s share of all foreign exchange under the electronic platform. Exchange procedure is very simple, enough for her to go to WebMoney Keeper, then right mouse button click on dollar purse. Choose to Exchange WMZ to WMR or press “Menu” and sеlect “Exchange WM* to WM*”.

Exchange WebMoney to WebMoney with the help of WM Keeper
Exchange WebMoney to WebMoney with the help of WM Keeper

You will see a simple form, enter the window of “Buy” amount in dollars. And in the window “Give” will be the amount in rubles, which you can count on. The line below specified exchange rate and the reserve funds of the exchange machine. Don’t forget that WebMoney for all transactions takes a Commission of 0.8 %, so to capitalize on this exchange You are unlikely, on the contrary, You will lose money. Besides, WebMoney always puts the disadvantage of the client course.

Also, there is a WebMoney exchange service Exchanger.ru. You also can translate dollars into rubles. This requires from WebMoney Keeper to go to the “My WebMoney”, click “Exchange”, choose wm.exchanger.ru . Here You will be offered the direction of the exchange, choose Buy WMR Sell WMZ. In the appeared list find the most favorable option exchange. The best deals are at the top and then descending. Click on the desired line, You will be shown the amount of exchange, if it suits You – you get it, if you want to exchange smaller amount, enter it in the field with the sum and make the exchange.

The service is convenient from the point of view of the high translation speed and the ability to make currency exchange, not crossing the threshold of the licensed Bank or even from the comfort of home. The actual conversion at the time of market volatility, especially if the client knows the situation and is able to predict future events, playing on the increasing or decreasing of the chosen currency. However, there are disadvantages, and this is again a Commission WebMoney, which gives the client chance to do a profitable exchange.

The way out is to use the services of specialized platforms for exchange of money.

These include SpbWMCasher whose functionality includes all types of transactions, including the transfer of dollars in roubles from one WebMoney purse to another. This platform puts favorable for the client courses that attracts a significant number of users. Immediate the procedure takes place in several stages. In the case of exchange WMZ to WMR:

Exchange WebMoney to WebMoney

The customer will need to enter the link https://spbwmcasher.ru/exchange_WMZ_to_WMR/ . Next are driven purses WebMoney WMZ and WMR, which belong to the client default;
In a special window is driven by the exchange amount, then there is an automatic calculation, it takes a fraction of a second, and under the dollar amount indicates the figure in rubles, which the customer can expect;
Below are introduced the personal data – email address and phone;
The client then solves a simple task with pictures, which is necessary to ensure that the system does not deal with the robot;
Now click on the button “Exchange”;
Before you create an order the client acknowledges familiarity with the contract for the provision of services by ticking the check box and makes a direct exchange;
Upon completion of all the actions the user is on the page “translation Status”, which shows the current status of the transaction.

In General, the action takes just seconds, and its financial benefit is able to impress the most discerning of customers.