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QIWI is a rather old payment system has undergone since its inception in 2007, many changes and improvements until it became truly universal tool for virtual payments. Today it operates in more than 20 countries and is used for many purposes. Using QIWI, you can:

to pay loans and many services;
to top-up your mobile phone;
to pay for online purchases;
to transfer funds to others;
to pay taxes and fines, utility bills and online games;
to get a plastic card through which you can make purchases just like using any other card.

Must be such versatility and has played into the hands of the popularity of this payment service.
How to get started

As in most payment systems, in order to fully use all the features of QIWI, it is necessary to pass simple registration procedure. The user will then have at its disposal electronic purse – a full-fledged payment instrument.

It is recommended to provide personal information, relevant facts, in order to avoid misunderstandings in the future. In account settings you can bind to the purse Web Money, for example, then it was easier to withdraw. It is also recommended to tie your e-mail and mobile phone number.

However, it is possible to pay for many services and without registration. Throughout Russia there are terminals QIWI, in which people pay satellite TV service, your Internet service provider and replenish the mobile account.
Ways to replenish the purse

As with any major payment system QIWI has several methods of depositing:

with a credit card;
from the user’s mobile phone;
with other payment systems. However, this expense may have limitations. For example, since 2011 it is impossible to work with Yandex-a purse;
in QIWI terminals;
at ATMs;
at the offices of Unistream;
at points of CONTACT payment.


One of the most common methods of money withdrawal is to transfer them to other e-wallets, and then cashing or continued use of discretion. However, it will have to pay a Commission. Read more about how to withdraw money from Qiwi you can read here.
You can transfer money directly to a Bank card, for example to withdraw Qiwi card.
Also to cash out the electronic money at ATMs and payment points of CONTACT.
Payment cards QIWI

Today is available several types of both virtual and physical plastic cards QIWI. They can pay for goods and services. But the disadvantage is that the purchase also have to pay a percentage as Commission.

QIWI Visa Virtual, as you might guess from the title, it is a virtual card, which allows you to pay online. Its peculiarity is that it has its own balance and is valid for exactly 3 months.
QIWI Visa Card balance cards combined with an electronic purse, but you can bind only one map. The validity of her 1 year.
QIWI Visa Plastic, the physical plastic card, it costs 100 rubles. The feature is that you can make the binding to the purse several cards. If you use in regular stores no interest is charged, but the attempt to cash out at the ATM will cost 2% and 50 rubles.
QIWI Visa Wallet – is tied to the purse and shared with him the balance. You can make only one such card, with expiration date 2 years. Card issue is free, no interest on purchases in the Russian shops, but for a foreign Commission will be 2.5%.

To summarize

Of course, the final decision about the use of any electronic payment service lies with the user. Only at the end to note the main advantages and disadvantages of the system QIWI.


the possibility of issuing a card;
fairly quick transfer of funds for the intended purpose;
the lack of interest in the transaction;
ease of use;
a lot of ways to Fund your wallet and to withdraw the money;
the spread of automated terminals QIWI – it allows even in the Russian heartland to quickly pay or make payment;
the ability to track payments;
work in many countries of the world;
SMS payments are unavailable online.


the relatively high interest rates for withdrawals and cashing;
purchase fee (although currently it is a common phenomenon);
insufficient operational support;
at payment through QIWI terminals, there are cases of delayed payment.