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Exchange and transfer money from WebMoney purse to purse

Modern technologies dramatically changed the human life, presenting new opportunities in all spheres, including financial activities. An eloquent example are the payment system, whose activity is mainly connected with the Internet. The main electronic payment WebMoney resource acts, which managed to acquire millions of customers in Russia and neighboring States.

Here the direct operations are preceded by a registration process where a user provides personal data, acquires the user name and password. He then receives a wallet designed to recharge, payment of goods and services and withdraw money. Among the instruments of the payment system is highlighted by the exchange of money between the wallets associated with certain nuances.

The answer to the question, how to transfer money from WebMoney to WebMoney, not cause difficulties. The process is carried out in several stages, the first of which is downloading from the system website and install on your PC or laptop the official program WebMoney Keeper. When opened, the user sees the category of “Purses” where are all opened accounts. They belong to 7 different currencies including:

WMZ. The equivalent of the us dollar;
WMR. Russian ruble;
WME. Euro;
WMU. The Ukrainian hryvnia;
WMY. Uzbek sum;
WMB. The Belarusian ruble;
WMG. Gold.

Recently appeared and 8th purse WMX, the user is presented with bitcoin. Direct transfer from purse to wallet is easy.

To start. the expense of sending the money;
In one of the Windows suitable, sеlect an appropriate transaction, such as exchange WMR to WMZ;
The amount entered in the window “buy” or “sell”;
Click the option “Next”.;
After completing the command, the system sends a confirmation, to find that user in the Inbox.

Transfer funds from your wallet to another client occurs in a similar system.

To start logging to the category “Wallets”;
sеlect the one from which the transfer will be made. It is important that the ruble amount went to the Bank account, exchange WMZ to WMR of another customer to perform, but the operation will be related to the high Commission. In the resulting layout. the option “send WM”;
In the new window, click the category “In the purse WebMoney… Ctrl+W”, then hammered the wallet number, amount and if necessary written note;
Finally, sеlect the type of operation “normal”, calling the option “Next”, and then there is the layout with information about the recipient, amount, etc. the Payment is confirmed, and a few minutes on the recipient’s wallet the money comes in.

Many customers, however, prefer the lighter scheme, for example you can transfer money through the platform SpbWMCasher where exchange WMR to WMU takes place in the shortest possible time, and the Commission is significantly lower.