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Every citizen and patriot of his country, is obliged to pay income taxes under current Law. According to the letter of the Law, the titular characters WebMoney are not electronic money, but rather, by certain equivalents or analogs of securities. Therefore, the turnover taxes paid WebMoney on the rules of taxation of investment activities.

Invest a certain amount of money in the purchase of securities, that is, the titular characters WebMoney.
After some time, sell securities (WebMoney) and get some income.
And it may be that securities prices fell and you get a loss from the sale.
In the event of loss you can even rely on some tax credits and deductions.

In theory, everything is very smooth and clear. Go to the nearest office, pay taxes and sleep calmly.
The practice of taxation in the sphere of WebMoney

But in practice, the debate about whether to pay taxes when you use WebMoney and how to do it right, continue almost as long as the solution of the question who came first the chicken or the egg?

A reputable professional lawyers have expressed completely opposite opinions and give inconsistent advice. Meanwhile, a representative of online business is completely lost and suspended state regarding the problem of payment of taxes on income from turnover WebMoney.

The difficulties begin with the practical implementation of the taxation of operations with WebMoney. For each transaction, adequate supporting documents on paper and with blue seals. And on this point a coherent theory faces completely unorganized virtual reality. A paper documents on the expenditure or acquired title signs WebMoney, transient or correspondents, companies, affiliate programs, online stores, advertising agencies and freelance, it may be an impossible task.

After implementation of the Law on the national payment systems began to experience problems with turnover WebMoney for legal entities, some of these legal entities were quick to re-register their legal entity somewhere far away, in offshore Cyprus. Thereby, these companies, like operating on the market of the Runet, was foreign business and now problems with the status of WebMoney and taxation are resolved by offshore laws. That is, paid a ridiculous amount for the license and sleep well. But, the decision brought relief to the online business, and for residents of our country, the situation became even more uncertain.
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The most basic accounting calculations show that to pay turnover taxes WebMoney is much better as a legal person. Judge for yourself.

Companies or Individual Entrepreneurs pay taxes only on the profit (documented, and a register of receipts and expenditures).
That is, if not to be lazy and collect receipts for every purchase, for every case of payment in WebMoney, it is possible to significantly reduce the tax base and pay significantly less.

On the other hand, physical person it is extremely difficult to obtain supporting documents of costs and revenues. If at the request of the company, a legal entity, any transagent Ltd without question, by law, are required to send a complete package of supporting settlement documents, a physical person no one is obliged to provide.

And even moreover, the costs to individuals would be very difficult to prove and provide it as business expenses, not personal spending on current needs. What are the individual costs of the business? A natural person has no right to do business.

Therefore, when an individual webmaster without forming a legal entity gained much out there WebMoney services of contextual advertising Yandex.Direct and Google AdSense – the costs of hosting, domain, create useful content, paid advertising, and so on, it is almost impossible to represent overhead expenses that are minus from profits. By law, all of these costs of creation and promotion of websites is the personal consumption of individuals. Approximately as in a cafe a Cup of coffee to drink.

Not every lawyer in the field of taxation can help you competently prepare taxes online entrepreneur and a freelancer working title signs WebMoney. This theorem WebMoney is still waiting for its brilliant Farm.