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Employees of the analytical Department of “Yandex Money” claim that in 2016 the population of Russia began to spend more money to repay loans via the Internet. So compared to 2015, the number of payers increased by 8 %, and the number of payments grew by 32%. The average repayment amount in the country in 2016 amounted to RUB 2 928

Further, the employees of Yandex Money has studied the solvency across regions and came to the conclusion that most take loans through the Internet people from the Central Federal district. The most active here, of course, residents of St. Petersburg (the number of taxpayers here increased by 8%) and Moscow (10%). In these cities the average payment is 3 098 3 310 RUB and RUB, respectively. The smallest amount you pay for online loans residents of Siberia, the average amount here is 2 683 rubles.

It should be noted that according to the center for analysts NAFI, over the last 5 years 45% of our fellow citizens appealed to the Bank for a loan, of which 65% of the active population, the rest – senior citizens receiving benefits. Least likely to take out loans residents of the Altai, and here the average loan amount is 105 500 rubles., while in the Chukotka region of the average loan is equal to the sum 482 200 rubles, the highest figure in the country. In St. Petersburg people take loans of an average value of 230 700 rubles., in Moscow – 264 800 RUB.