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Overview of the payment system LiqPay

At the moment, this is most likely the most popular payment system in the ranks of Ukrainian consumers. Lika, was created as far back as 2008, the largest in Ukraine “PrivatBank” and on the stage of the establishment positioned as a web interface of this financial institution. But the developers were far-reaching plans, and of the national system, it was decided to develop the international payment service, and not to settle for second roles in this market, and to compete with global leaders such as PayPal, Skrill and so on. I must admit that in part they succeeded and LiqPay really has a number of advantages over the major players in the electronic payments market, but global recognition for her so far was not achieved. About the reasons for the slippage to judge is quite difficult, because the success consists of many facts. First, when the weight advantages Likey could not avoid and cons. The political situation in the country also does not add to the confidence of the international community. Negative facts can be attributed to the recent restructuring of the “PrivatBank”. But as they say, time itself will put everything in its place.
Registration in the system

Registration service LiqPay simple, or rather in fact, it simply does not exist. You need to enter your mobile phone number and receive the activation SMS. And that’s all! You have a full-fledged user of this service. It’s a bit like Russian, QIWI wallet, even easier. You don’t even need to fill in and remember a permanent password. Everytime you need to login or make a transaction, you will receive a message on your mobile phone with the activation code. This authentication is completed.
How Liqpay works

To call Liqpay payment system is purely nominal. Rather it should be attributed to the service which is providing online banking. There are no derivative in-system currency, as many services like WebMoney. Recharge in the literal sense is not necessary, LiqPay works directly tied to the cards in US dollars, Euros and Ukrainian hryvnias and Russian rubles. However, if the translation is addressed to you, it will be in your account until you don’t proceed on your own. If you want to output in another foreign currency, for example on a card issued in another country, then the system will automatically perform the conversion. To complete the work you need to link any Bank card VISA or MasterCard c open access for transactions on the Internet. The system allows to transfer money not only to users who already have their account, but any owner of the cell number from about 140 countries of the world. Send payment by one of three ways – by phone, by e-mail or credit card number. All subtleties and nuances of LiqPay we will consider in the context of its pros and cons.
Pros LiqPay

Advantages of Likey a lot, but in connection with the decision of the National Bank of Ukraine on restrictions to the use of electronic money, adjustments are made to the operation of this service and currently relevant information you need to look directly on the site LiqPay.
So, the pros:

Registration is clear and simple;
The security of payment services is quite high, each one-time password is unique and can only be obtained by the owner of the mobile phone number specified during registration. The site operates via a secure SSL Protocol, and card transactions are confirmed with the help of technology 3D-Secure;
No charges for intra-operation;
There is no minimum amount for transactions;
The system is international and allows you to use phone numbers and credit cards of almost all countries of the world;
To transfer the payment, you must have minimum information about the recipient. Enough email address or mobile phone number;
There is a possibility of conducting transactions using popular mobile messenger, with a special bot from Lika;
There is a mobile application IPay, which even in the campaign for mushrooms will allow you to manage your account;
The service is very convenient for owners of websites and online stores, allowing them without any problems and paperwork make the payments on their resources. At relatively low fee of 2.75% service gives a unified payment solution for doing business on the Internet;
Rates for withdrawal or transfer of funds can not be called high, but given the variability (i.e. changes in rates), better detailed view by clicking on this link https://www.liqpay.com/ru/tariffs ;
The system is convenient for cardholders of PrivatBank, there is a minimum fee and have the opportunity to obtain cash through the ATM network.

The system has a large set of advantages. Each of the international payment system have their chips and bonuses, but that’s what good service is before us, that in one place they concentrated quite a large number.

Well as without them. They are, and quite substantial. We realized this from my experience while testing the service. At check-in and binding maps “shomari” 1 dollar, however, promised to return within 30 days, with no advance warning about it. I think that, of course, returned, but the sediment remained.
So about the cons:

The amount of negative information on the Internet is a clear leader. Of course, the enemies are not asleep, but not to trust everybody, on the grounds that it is intrigues of competitors, we would not have;
A lot of negative reviews about customer service. Long answer, template and reluctantly;
Very sensitive to, in their minds, large payments, for example, $ 500 can arouse suspicion. In this struggle for the purity of the ranks and attempt to prevent money laundering, you can easily block the account;
Often there are glitches in the software that are not really quickly;
You cannot use a Bank card issued in one state, and phone number of any country.

The review is ambiguous because we have not formulated a common attitude to the Ukrainian payment system. Yes, a lot of pros and Yes, there are significant disadvantages. Is it good for you or not, will have to solve only to you.