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3 ways output with Kiwi WebMoney

Exchange Qiwi WebMoney

The Internet community is constantly expanding – exchange means rapidly moves in a virtual format. Payment of wages, earnings on the online toys or traffic, each of these operations repeatedly uses the opportunities and peer-to-peer payment systems. How to use a particular service, you can easily read the relevant tutorial. But, how to transfer money from one system to another? – Today we will discuss the transfer of funds from Qiwi WebMoney.
Method # 1. Transfer money from Kiwi purse – 4 steps

If you are a customer service centers which are engaged in remittances, charge the money directly into your account. To do this, follow the following algorithm:

Go to the personal Cabinet Qiwi – enter the login name and password.
Hold the mouse pointer and stop it on the tab “Payment”.
Define the purpose of our visit is included in the section “Payment system”.
Now, you need to apply to the Guarantor of WebMoney system. Among all these options, opted for WebMoney.
Next move – specify the details of the purse and the amount of withdrawal. Next, the system asks the reason for withdrawal here you can specify any character set or define your version of the proposal.
Your mobile phone number will receive a message with an activation code. The characters entered in the text box and run the transaction.

That’s all, the process took us a few minutes and does not disturb the nervous system.

Qiwi took care of the convenience of its customers and added the feature “Save template”. What are the benefits? – Once you make a transfer to the account, and the system remembers the destination. Especially handy if you later have to use the services of the exchange office. Transfer time – 2 to 3 hours, the maximum amount – 15 000 rubles.
Method # 2. Derive money through pocket gadget

Transfer money from Kiwi WebMoney, you can use a mobile phone. This method is ideal in the situation when no Internet, and the translation need to implement as soon as possible. The algorithm operation is very simple and intuitive, the main thing – to perform each action very carefully:

Typed TEXT message. The text is as follows: 56 No. wallet + prefix + amount.
Sent to number 7494.

The cost of the message does not exceed the standard tariff plan of your operator. Note an important point – send a message with the room, which is directly tied to the payment system QIWI.
Method # 3. Exchange offices

If you decide to transfer money through the exchanger, pay attention to customer feedback about the service and experience in the market transactions. What are the pros exchanger?

A wide range of operations.
Unlimited range of payment systems.
The possibility of exchange between different currencies.
Transfer to a Bank card.

Exchangers, in contrast to official departments of payment systems, fully customer-oriented. A wide range of services bite a considerable Commission. But, if your goal is to transfer money quickly and securely, a better option than the exchanger not found.

Special attention should be paid to illegal exchangers that offer unthinkable favorable conditions of cooperation. The activities of such organizations are prohibited by law and may result in consequences:

The use of personal customer data for their own purposes.
The illegal exchange can not guarantee the safety of funds, because you do not have an adequate system of protection.
Illegal circulation of currency brings significant loss to the budget of the country, and therefore our future.

Use only legal exchange centers or refer to the services of payment system directly. Only such an approach would ensure the absolute safety of the transfer.