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Actual ways to withdraw money from PayPal

By 2016, PayPal has finally taken a leading position in the field of circulation of electronic currency. It belongs to American jurisdiction leads to some difficulties in withdrawals, but they are all in modern conditions are easy to handle.
How to withdraw PayPal money to the card

First and foremost, customers are interested in the question how to withdraw PayPal money to the card? Until 2013, the process was extremely complicated and formalized, and the main obstacle, ironically, making the payment online, seeking to meet the requirements of U.S. tax law. Since then and up to the present day to bring PayPal to the map easier, but the algorithm can hardly be considered convenient. So, first the user need to go to your Bank website and check the BIC. It can be done using the hotline, it is important not to confuse the BIC and Deposit number.

The user then enters personal account on PayPal, find the option “withdraw funds” and sees on the screen. When filling it is necessary to specify the BIC, Bank account number, personal information. Confirming the withdrawal, the client provides the right to alternately withdraw a few small amounts when each transaction is about 5-7 rubles. The algorithm operates in order to protection from intruders. Soon the transfer is received on the Bank card account, and it should without any delays, confirm in PayPal account. After that, operations can be carried out on a regular basis. There are other ways to withdraw PayPal on card, which from the point of view of the low fee and speed have a number of advantages.
How to withdraw money from PayPal Qiwi

Not less popular the withdrawal of money from PayPal accounts to the wallets of the Russian payment systems. The question how to withdraw money from PayPal to QIWI remains one of the most common clients. Unlike your credit card, here is a direct way exists. Recently, the Kiwi has significantly toughened the identification requirements, forcing customers to share personal information. The same is true for possible way when their range is constantly shrinking.

One of the ways is the use of a plastic or virtual card Kiwi. Having it available, the user can apply an algorithm similar to the procedure of withdrawal of money on a plastic card. PayPal aktiviziruyutsya the option “withdraw funds”, in the appeared form graph is filled with the card number and its details and then the small amount. She confirmed, and the client may begin to withdraw funds on a regular basis. However, the owners of the money can exchange PayPal to Qiwi is much easier and faster using functions dedicated pads.
How to withdraw money from PayPal to Yandex money

Other ways of working if the client wishes to withdraw Paypal to Yandex money. To perform the operation, using the service wallet one. It is used as an intermediary, and, consequently, at every stage of the customer lies in wait for the Commission, whose total size casts doubt on the appropriateness of the procedure. Yandex, as well as the Kiwi, has been issuing its own plastic cards, there are their virtual version. Includes full mapping of account, when to withdraw money or pay for goods and services is possible without further action.

On this card safely with PayPal money can be withdrawn, with the introduction of the card number in the form. The Commission here is much lower than when you use the services of intermediaries, with the exception of the special exchange sites where exchange PayPal to Yandex money is one of the most common services. No cards for transactions is not needed, and the process is carried out in the shortest possible time.
How to withdraw money from PayPal to WebMoney

We cannot ignore ways to withdraw Webmoney to PayPal, especially as we are talking about the most popular Russian electronic payment system, where purses have millions of citizens. Direct transfer or function of mutual bindings here. Acts of mutual competition and belonging to different States. Transfers are carried out in stages, using the already mentioned Bank cards, wallet, mobile phone (some operators allow you to send funds from the account). As in other cases, best exchange WebMoney to PayPal to perform at special venues. There is a system of convenient payment, low fees, and the process takes place in a short time. Otherwise, the virtual service, PayPal is definitely a part of the lives of Russians, creating competition that always goes to the benefit of users.