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What to do if you are confused recipient of money from Kivi-purse?

Many users of the payment system Kiwi encounter situations when you want to return your money back. Often the problem is caused by incorrect Bank details when funds have been transferred to the wrong recipient. In addition, often after the payment of goods or services there is any doubt in the integrity of the recipient, accompanied by a natural desire to return to the capital.

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First of all, no need to despair, in the end, a single transaction in Kiwi does not provide for fabulous sums, and the lost money can be considered by the Board for inattention. But even such a high level of self-criticism is not a reason for rejection of money, especially since they almost always can be taken back. So:

The most common situation is incorrectly hammered the account number of the recipient when the money, if needed, come to a third party. Preferably as soon as possible to notify customer support Kiwi by contacting professionals via the website or by phone. Then a lot depends on the knowledge of the addressee. Despite the stereotypes, most people are willing to go to meet, and transfer the money back. It often happens that the user mistakenly sent the money to his constant correspondent (with whom he has already conducted computations). In this case, most likely, the money you will return.

Even easier to deal with entities for which the Kiwi, there are special accounts. Organizations value our reputation and will not question it for the sake of dubious profit of several thousand roubles. In this case you need to send them a formal appeal using the form on the website. Practice shows that a significant proportion of erroneous payments quickly back.

Worst of all, if the payment reached the unfamiliar face who is not willing to part with the money or funds are transferred outright fraud. In the category of Certification can be found information about every person registered in the system and then contact them personally or through the Administration. Despite the optimism, you should consider the option where the recipient will refuse to return the money, and maybe just transfer them to third parties, or rather the fourth (dishonest users). They tend not to inform detailed information, and return can be problematic.

In this scenario, the desired hardness, the more that the law is on the side of citizens. Recipients are notified about future problems with the police, it makes sense to inform and Support. Representatives of payment systems do not like to communicate with law enforcement and often will try to solve the problem. If requests are ignored, should direct or veiled rejection, threats must be backed by action, by application to the police, to which employees must respond.

They are checking. It is in conversation with the person to whom you make an offer he can’t refuse and return the money.

There may be occasions when the Department refused to accept the application. Above them there is also the Supervisory authority, and if it’s worth the price, the next step is a lawsuit. According to the results, the losing party will pay the legal costs.

If money is sent through the terminal, you must immediately inform specified on the receipt the phone support until the amount is still stored in the wallet of the recipient. Check necessarily preserved, and the operator reported transaction code, amount and account number of the recipient. The same actions can be performed through the website.
But it so happens that the terminals are broken, and this happens at the moment of transaction, and even worse, if you are trying to return to this moment disputed the amount. It happens that the machine had to issue a check before to hang out (best option), and sometimes that did not. In both cases, please contact support.