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Electronic payment systems over the last few years firmly in the life of modern man. Electronic QIWI-wallet is one of the most popular among consumers. Due to its high functionality and friendly interface the number of its fans grows every year. But despite the quality work of this service, sometimes the system malfunctions. If suddenly the money transfer did not come to the QIWI wallet, do not worry and panic ahead of time. You need to find out what is the cause of the current situation and in consequence to eliminate it.
When to use the check payment?

The need to check the status of the transaction most commonly occurs due to the following reasons:

when it comes to the report of a successful operation, and the balance of the personal account of the client remains the same;
when the funds were transferred to the account of another user (the customer has made the purchase of the goods, delivery speed of which depends on the status of the transaction)

How to trace the payment?

Ways to check their e-payment is not so much. It all depends on how the user has replenished the account. To date, execute QIWI wallet via:

application for mobile phone;
the Internet.

In accordance with these variants of replenishment of QIWI wallet, there are 4 ways to check the status of the transaction.
To track the status of payment by check

You need to login to the website, access the menu “Help” and add the details with the cheque in a special form. All the necessary input data is written in the check. To make a mistake when entering information in form fields is almost impossible. Each item is checked and in case of an error, a screen-tip.

After all the details spelled out, you should click the button “Check”. Next you will see all the data on the status of the payment made. So do not rush ahead of time to throw a check, sometimes it can greatly help in solving such problems.

If the check is missing, we can proceed as follows. On the website you must enter the menu “Help”. Then expand the tab “support QIWI”. Next, sеlect “QIWI Terminals” and “the problem with the payment, no receipt”. In the opened window you should carefully fill out all fields. In the “Detailed description”, the user should carefully explain the nature of your problem.
Check status of your transaction by phone

In that case, if the user has no possibilities to go online, you can always ask for help in support. Calling the operator, you need to dictate the payment details specified in the check. After a few minutes the customer service representative will announce the current status of the transaction.
Check payment through your personal account

If the payment was made by logging in to your personal account, and check the status of transactions performed there. To do this, open the “History” tab, then sеlect the time of payment and click the “Save” item. This will open a window with detailed information about the current status of the payment.

Payment review is a very convenient service for those who actively use electronic purse QIWI. All the translations made by the user are automatically stored in “History of payments”. If desired, everyone can find the status of a required payment by making few clicks. It can be done with various devices (terminal, PC, or phone).
Why didn’t I receive a payment?

This question is asked by every user who discovered that the money did not come to an electronic purse in a timely manner. Typically, funds are credited within 2-5 minutes after the user made a payment. However, sometimes the reasons for the delay can be:

the failure of the terminal due to loss of network signal;
server overload;
error in the operation of the software;
the regulatory technical works;
lock purse.

In that case, if the payment was not carried out, the user should contact support PayPal or directly to the office of a service company. There you can apply for a refund. For this you must have payment receipt and a passport.