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Disputes regarding the benefits of a particular payment system is gradually losing relevance. Most users have accounts at all sites, using wallets as needed. The collaboration came even the services, when competition and the competitive impulse has given way to mutually beneficial cooperation. From the Russian companies involved in electronic payments and all related services, are allocated Yandex money and WebMoney. Their clients have access to the possibility of mutual binding of wallets to pay or perform other actions most preferable at a particular point method.

Binding WebMoney to Yandex.Moeny

Often the users know how to transfer money from WebMoney on Yandex.Money and Vice versa, so looking at ways to bind these two online payment service. As practice shows, the binding is not always necessary. If you transfer the money not often, you can use the services of the exchange sites, it will be faster and cheaper. However, if you transfer the money there and back on a regular basis, then it makes sense to think in the binding.

Direct pairing process is carried out in a private office WebMoney and precedes the fulfilment of several requirements. So, the client must be a Russian resident, having a Passport not lower than Formal confirmed. In addition, the system requires you to match a phone number specified at registration in both systems. To receive a Formal Certificate must be sent to WebMoney mail a scanned passport photo.

Yandex money there are also levels of Identification and sufficient for binding to have a name status. There is nothing to send and it is enough to specify the series and number of passport, date and place of issue. So:

On the website of the WebMoney, in the personal account sеlect “Service account pairing”, which is made in the form of clickable links leading to the site;
Here you can sеlect “Yandex. money”, in the opened window specify WMR (dollar and other currency accounts to bind is not available) and the number of purse Yandex, and then the user clicks the “Continue.”
You receive another popup, where is binding code and a link to the site Yandex. money. The code you need to remember or write down, and then the transition;
Log in to my account Yandex money, the user sees the inscription “work in process” and category “the Binding of the purse WebMoney”. By clicking on the link, it goes to another page where you need to click the option “Confirm binding”;
In the opened form enter received on WebMoney binding code and pressed “Confirm”;
Yandex asks for a payment password, and if it matches, the operation is completed, the client receives notification in the section “management of the purse”.

In order to configure the account in WebMoney Keeper should see “Wallets” click on the Yandex money account, choose settings and fill the form according to your preferences.

After that, the wallets can be used as a means of direct exchange and payment. In addition, clients systems get access to online services that provide exchange services at competitive rates. One of the settings allows you to limit the amount of transfer from one service to another, in addition, the owner can always disavow his actions, abolishing binding.