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Customers of the electronic system WebMoney have many ways to replenish their wallets. Because of its simplicity and speed one of the most popular is the transfer of money from the phone. Suits rooms all operating on the territory of Russian operators. The CIS option is currently disabled, and customers use the services of special sites, where most transactions are conducted via SMS.

Replenishment of WebMoney via phone

Messages are used and Russian companies, including Beeline, MTS, MegaFon and TELE2. So in a Beeline to send money to an electronic account WebMoney system is used RURU. Owner must drive in the box the number of the purse (R is not specified, instead it is placed before the digit wm, indicating which service sends the money), and then sum. Looks message like this:
wm 123456789101 100

It must be sent to the phone number 7878, and then in a few minutes comes the answer with the amount of the transfer, the Commission and the request to confirm the operation.

Confirmation is performed, a response message with the number 1 if the user consents, and the figure 0 if he decided not to send the funds.

Other companies such services are not provided and the client to transfer money to the electronic purse WebMoney using other methods. On the website Telepay he must add your phone, linking it to WMID account. When registering procedure is executed automatically, and the number that sent you a message asking you to confirm an action within the WebMoney, is the official.

Not so long ago the functionality of the WM Keeper application there is a new option “My phone”. If within a few minutes after adding the room it is displayed, you must exit the app and open it again. The meaning of options is that now the funds are in the account on Your phone, you will be able to replenish the purse on WebMoney. The attached phone has an active menu, where in the category “top up WM-purse” is driven in the required amount. Then the number comes SMS with the request to confirm the action, putting in the response message the required characters. If they are made correctly, after some time, come SMS with the information on the receipt of money on account WebMoney.

With all the convenience of the procedure, it should be noted very high rates of translation, is able to present a unpleasant surprise. They vary depending on the operator and to date are:

MTS – 11,6%;
MegaFon – 7,5%;
TELE2 – 19.6%,
Beeline – 8.6% and 10 rubles from the top.

Otherwise, there are no such impediments, and money at any time of the day for a few minutes credited to your account.