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Virtual cards are an excellent alternative to the plastic, every day uses a growing number of customers, who are already acquainted with the advantages of electronic payments. A new kind of calculations are actively implementing online shopping, which significantly increases the income and demonstrates the importance of mobility and the ability to keep his nose in the wind compared to the hulking colleagues.

Electronic payment system QIWI not go another direction for development and in conjunction with VISA has presented its latest development in the form of a virtual card. In the end, the service allows you to manage your wallet and pay for purchases online.
Varieties of card QIWI

A plastic version of the card is called Visa QIWI Wallet and a virtual version of the QIWI Visa Card. It is the perfect solution for Internet purchases, acting on the principle of credit cards whenever paying user drives a number, a code and their personal information.

Ordering QIWI Visa Card provides absolutely no difficulties. The client just registers the purse QIWI Visa Wallet and virtual card is assigned to him automatically. It later you can always upgrade, but the old map is removed from the system. For reissue of the card the following algorithm is used:

In the personal account is activated the option “Reissue card”;
Introduced obtained on the phone number code;
With it confirmed the transaction.

The validity of the updated maps is 2 months, while it could be a currency.

To buy virtual cards in the wallet paid the required amount. The process happens by entering a mobile number and fill in the details received in his SMS.

Among the distinguishing features of cards QIWI Visa Card inсlude:

The possibility of simultaneous operation of several cards;
The opportunity to present the card to the other;
The minimum limit to create a card – 300 rubles;
Maximum withdrawal limit amount is 30 thousand rubles per month;
The lack of a fee.

The virtual card is a very convenient means of payment in the Internet, but in life there are often situations when to do without plastic cannot. In such situations, the service offers to purchase the QIWI Visa Plastic. Its features:

The account is replenished through ATMs and terminals around the world;
The card is valid everywhere;
It coincides with the availability of funds in the account e-wallet Visa QIWI Wallet.