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How to get a loan on Yandex money

One of the annoying features of money is their absence in the moment of dire need. In normal times, the pocket can be filled with banknotes, and electronic wallets may exceed all possible limits. However, it is only to plan any purchases or potentially profitable venture, as the necessary funds are melting like a morning mist. In this case humanity has come up with a solution in the form of a loan, which today can account holders in the system Yandex money.

How to get a loan Yandex money?

Quotes for e-marketplaces Yandex money and WebMoney, you should consider the absence in the first trust level or Business Level. The client has no particular incentive to the creation and subsequent storage of the reputation of a reliable partner. The maximum risk of the borrower is reduced to blocking of your account. Of course, there is the possibility of prosecution, therefore, to use credit tools for malicious purposes should not be. Finally, the site acts more like a mediator between the borrower and the lenders, whereas WebMoney offers their loans.

To date, the users of Yandex money is available one way of getting a loan associated with the filing of the application whose examination is carried out several financial institutions. Their proposals, including interest payments and the limit of funds do not differ from each other. The average application is processed in 10-15 minutes and usually involves a positive response. The list is current as of today creditors represented by the following microfinance institutions:

Money Man https://transher.ru/partners/moneyman. The company gives a positive response in 50% of cases, re-loan suggests reduced interest rates. The procedure for processing takes about 10 minutes, and the percentage is 0.76% per day with a maximum loan of 60 000 rubles.
Platiza https://transher.ru/partners/platiza. Here the number of positive responses 80%, and the borrower’s credit history does not matter. The maximum loan does not exceed 15 000 rubles, and the rates start from 0.5% on the day. The consideration of the application is preceded by registration on the site and receive e-passports, also the user can specify the details of your Bank card. Then the credit site Platiza or through Yandex. money;
Timer https://transher.ru/partners/zaymer. The company operates around the clock, requires minimal paperwork and in most cases gives a positive answer. The loan limit is 30 000 rubles, and the average interest rate for the loan lender determines individually.

In addition they offer their services to dozens of microfinance institutions, whose reputation it is advisable to check via the Internet, using data from independent sites and social networks. When signing the contract is important to get acquainted with all the terms, including the amount, repayment period, loan interest, fines and penalties.

Methods of repayment depend on the lender, most often the borrower can close the debt using:

the payment terminal;
wire transfer;
sending money to Yandex purse financial institution.

Note that early closure of the loan, none of the microfinance companies does not provide for, and the payment of interest is made together with the principal amount. If the loan is not repaid in time, the organization sends the customer information to the credit Bureau.

You can also get credit on the site WebMoney, and then the monies to transfer the purse Yandex direct way or using our service to exchange WebMoney to Yandex-money. In addition to WebMoney, you can use a Bank card, phone number or postal.