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Few people know that the loan can be obtained in e-currency. Webmoney system provides the opportunity. You need to register there to get a certificate (this process is to download the scan of the passport) and find a lender on the website of the debt exchange. The procedure itself is not that difficult, you only need to meet some conditions. After receiving the loan of WebMoney, the funds can be spent as payment for goods and services directly from your wallet, you will also have the opportunity to withdraw from WebMoney.
The process of obtaining a loan

For the loan of Webmoney are required to fulfill some conditions. First, the party system would require an initial certificate for the loan. Give money to owners of personal certificates, then it should be a high-level BL. To obtain an initial certificate is not so difficult, and detailed instructions are on the site Webmoney. Even the lender will study the level TL (calculated on the basis of information about received and repaid loans). Data must be open to the lender, WMID adding it to the trusted list.

The lender has risks always. Because of the special sanctions for non-payment of debt no. Can just block the debtor’s WMID. Therefore, the lender issues first a small amount for a short period. Once he’s convinced of the honesty of the borrower, subsequent amounts may be higher and for a relatively small percent.

To get money you need to create credit wallet – WMC. This is done by analogy with wallets such as R, Z, etc. It is on credit wallet will be transferred the borrowed funds. It’s the same one they will be removed in favor of repayment.

Next is to go to the debt exchange Webmoney website “debt.wmtransfer.com”. There should be a request, which specifies the required amount, term, rate and purpose of use of money. A simple example: “Take 100 WMZ for 30 days under 0.1% (daily) for site development”. Lenders themselves may be receptive and open for the borrower a line of credit. If there is no time to wait, you must look for lenders. Quite a lot of them on the Internet and most of them cooperate with the system Webmoney.
Whether really to obtain the money?

As already mentioned, while the party of “naked” credit history and the level TL is equal to zero, to obtain a large amount on favorable terms is almost impossible. For example, take 1 000 WMZ unlikely to succeed. But after repayment of the first loans you can get a large sum.

There is a possibility of early repayment of the debt, if such right the borrower has under the terms. By the way, your credit history will be available for creditors, as they definitely have the information we are requesting. So to spoil the story undesirable.

Get cash quickly. This is done in a few clicks, for example, withdraw WebMoney on the card of Sberbank, you can through our service. If you have a Visa card or MasterCard from other banks, with the withdrawal of money problems will not be.

The advantages of loan Webmoney:

design in the online without a long collection of documents and proofs of your solvency;
you can get money even for 1 day;
practice shows that lenders willing to make loans;
small percentages.

Among the disadvantages of loan Webmoney, we note that for receiving the credit on profitable terms it is necessary to increase the level BL and TL (the more credit and debit transactions on the wallets of the higher levels).
Instead of a conclusion

So, after approval of the application C-wallet money will arrive. In terms of the procedure of maturity (for example, every day, once a week, a month or at the end of the term). If there’s a delay, your credit history will be ruined. But it’s not the worst. If you do not pay the loan, the WMID will be blocked. For some people it will be painful.