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How to get a Bank card Indexsystem electronic payments increasingly included in modern life. Millions of users are already vaguely know without them, daily life. Market competition is very serious, and almost all payment systems allow you to pay for Internet, telephony, utilities and mobile phone. The use of any service is preceded by the registration and account creation, after which the account is replenished from the terminal or other means.

One of the leading resources in Russia is the system Yandex money, whose user-friendly tools and ease attract new clients. Here the calculations use exclusively the Russian ruble that kompensiruet other advantages. So Yandex launches own maps, which are the plastic equivalent of an electronic wallet.

Available to the user standard and virtual options.

In the first case, it can order the card Yandex money in the mail for free. It is used for Internet payments, as well as depositing and withdrawing money via ATMs and terminals. The distinguishing feature of the card is a logo of Yandex.

Virtual cards do not inсlude physical manifestations, presenting an exclusively online tool. Its main advantage remains the impossibility of theft or loss.
The advantages of virtual cards

Maps suitable for the actual calculation, provided that the point takes them to a payment which is made directly with Yandex purse.
All products belong to the prestigious MasterCard Gold series, whose users can use the system of bonuses and discounts.
Russian customers can 3 years to use the card for all this time, the maintenance cost will not exceed 150 rubles. Such low prices in the whole banking sector of the country. Cheap service is available to citizens of other countries, although they are over 3 years will have to pay 199 roubles.
Account replenishment is carried out at points of retail chains “the Messenger” and “Euroset”. The Commission in this case will not be charged. Also the money is made through the ATMs of Sberbank.
Cards are valid worldwide
The customer can exchange Yandex Sberbank.
The PayPass option makes it possible to pay with one touch. It attracts to the service, advanced users and young people.

Order card

The simplest version of a product is ordered through your personal account here you need to:

Go through the authorisation process;
Activate the section “Bank cards”;
To study the presented card;
Click the option “Order a card”;
Confirm the action;
Fill the form with personal data and card delivery address. At this stage, invent a code word is necessary when calling the hotline;
This information is checked, the operation is confirmed;
You need to have on Deposit an amount sufficient for the payment card service;
After calculating the map for a certain period to come in the mail.

Following this is the activation procedure. It requires:

Navigate to the link in the account;
In the window that appears to drive the last digits of the card number and specify the period of its operation;
Click the option “Activate”.

After verification of data map available for use.
The card

Here the differences are associated with the possibility of instant use of the card and the issuance process inсlude:

Login to your account;
Click the option “Get a card”;
Entering personal information a confirmation;
After the product appears in the form of another card in the appropriate section.

The map is very easy to use, and the lack of physical media can’t scare even far from the modern technology customers.
Terms of use of cards

Release and delivery does not entail additional costs;
Payment for 3 years of service is equal to 149 rubles;
Daily limit of withdrawal of funds equal to 5 thousand roubles, a monthly limit of 40 thousand rubles;
1 payment transaction may not exceed 60 thousand rubles per day and 200 thousand roubles per month.

Release system Yandex Money own cards provided our customers a convenient means of payment and increased the overall attractiveness of the resource.