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How to translate with Yandex money WebMoney – relevant ways to share

Leading positions on the Russian market of electronic currency shared services WebMoney and Yandex money. Until recently, WebMoney had virtually no competitors, being on the top position of the ranking. However, the available policy maps and some problems with the public authorities forced the resource to make room. Whatever it was, but here is their e-wallets are registering millions of Russian Internet users, which sooner or later the question arises – how to translate with Yandex money WebMoney? Until recently, direct methods of exchange did not exist, because the resources were in a condition of hard competition.

Today, however, after analyzing their activities, they came to the conclusion about the feasibility of cooperation, in connection with which the users can make direct transfers of money from one account to another. The operation is preceded by the procedure of binding the purse, which you need to raise your level of certification WebMoney to personal and identification in Yandex money to nominal level. In the latter case, it is required to present the passport data of the owner of the purse available for almost the entire functionality of the system. Unlike Yandex, WebMoney do not believe the words and requires a scanned image of a passport, which deterred a significant number of clients to the question of how to translate Yandex to WebMoney provide answers related to ingenious schemes.

The easiest option is a credit card that you can replenish each holder identification in Yandex money. Refill restrictions WebMoney almost do not apply, allowing the card to transfer. Even easier to use the phone number as intermediates. First, it receives money from Yandex, and then the account holder transfers them to the purse WebMoney. Here the issues are associated with several factors and first and foremost, the inconvenience when you have to use multiple transactions to wait for confirmations and, of course, pay the extra money, since each operator will not fail to get his Commission.

In the end, to help the Russians came specialized exchanges, where everyone can, without delay, to enable the exchange of Yandex to WebMoney, not spending extra money on Commission and middlemen. Today it is the best way to get their money, whose benefit is greater than even the direct translation. Before submitting the application, the account holder should choose the exchange platform, which has already established itself on the positive side, has a lot of clients in the absence of third party complaints. It takes into account the period of work on the market, the exchange Fund, the nature of the site, ease of forms to fill out. Once the customer confirms the request and gets the money.

So, there are many ways of transferring funds, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. The final choice depends on specific factors with regard to which a decision is made.