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Ask a question about how to transfer WebMoney to QIWI You need money, you need to remember that themselves represent monetary system that perevody, and then complete the registration process. In total the transfer from WebMoney to QIWI occurs in one of 4 ways, and each of them will be discussed below.

First of all, we need to clarify what is WebMoney. In her case we are talking about the most common e-billing in Russia and the CIS countries. By registering, the user will encounter with such categories as:

WM purse;

The wallet provides a property user’s rights to electronic currency, and identifier (or WMID) is a unique number of 12 digits, which are attached wallets. The system has several certificates:


They are issued after passing a certain stage and provide a set of rights and possibilities of the client. In General, the system is characterized by convenience and simplicity, however the present article is devoted not to her, and how to exchange WebMoney to QIWI.

QIWI is also a system of electronic money where the wallets attached to the phone number of the client. The resource appeared in the era of mass use of the telephone terminals, allowing to pay for the phone, and eventually gained widespread. Here, the majority of transactions made through smartphones and other devices, and eventually the court, signing an agreement with Visa, began to be called Visa QIWI Wallet.

On the website you can register tied to the phone number the account number will be the username to log in to your account. Check-completes the password that comes on the phone and is used to log in to your personal account, over time you can change it. The input can be performed through the terminal by entering the pin code, also coming via SMS. Today, however, with the development of application terminals lose their relevance. The main advantage of online anonymity is because there is no need to provide passport details and other personal information.

Deposit accounts exceeding 500 rubles, is Commission, and that led to the development of the resource, and cash withdrawals made with Bank cards, the requisite accounts and systems of fast remittances. In parallel, the user can register a QIWI Visa Plastic. It’s attached to the wallet and allows you to pay for purchases online and offline.

As mentioned above, to transfer money from WebMoney to QIWI in one of 4 ways:

Binding the account to the Qiwi WebMoney using the service. Here the main condition is the coincidence of the telephone numbers of the Certificate and Qiwi wallet. Bindings available to clients of WebMoney with the formal Certificate and above. In the end, funds from WebMoney will be available on purses and cards Qiwi.
Appeal to the services of the exchange of resources. These include our new Playground, where from WebMoney to QIWI allows you to transfer the accumulated resource electronic currency. Here the key point is the credibility of the site and the level of the Commission. In this respect, we are glad to note its advantages in both indicators.
Mobile phone. His room filled up by the amount of WebMoney, and then displayed on Qiwi. In General, we are talking about high-value transactions, where the average Commission is 10%. However, the service is popular due to its speed.
Finally to Fund QIWI WebMoney gives the opportunity for social network Vkontakte. The output occurs via the communities created exchange sites, as well as private individuals, charging a Commission. The exchange is in both directions, and the Commission is not large amounts, but there is a risk of running into scams.

Thus, the results of this paper it can be concluded that in single operations is imperative to use the services of the exchange sites, and if the output has a regular character, it is advisable to tie the room to the Qiwi wallet, WebMoney, increasing the certificate to the desired level.