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Ways to transfer money from Yandex Qiwi

For starters, it should immediately be noted that a direct transfer of money from Yandex, QIWI does not exist, and binding of wallets from one resource to another is not possible. Feature is connected with the policy of payment systems, which are in competition mode, although in the future this may change what has already happened in the relations between both services with WebMoney. However, the money needed today and, therefore, the question customers as to make the translation from Yandex money, Kiwi remains relevant and requires a response. Operation is done with the help of several schemes, the most popular of which is the phone number. A prerequisite here is the registration of the account Kiwi. If all requirements are met, the user can in no time to translate.

The first step is associated with the replenishment of a purse on Yandex money. It is produced in the appropriate section and takes the least time. Then the owner of the funds must go into my account on the Kiwi, and in the category “top up” to activate the function using the cell operator. The window is driven in the transfer amount, and the money is credited to your account. This is one of the simplest options of how to transfer money from Yandex to kiwi, but he has some difficulties. First, the client needs to remember the logins and passwords to personal accounts on both systems that is away from the PC is problematic. In addition, mobile operators charge a Commission, as well as a payment system, and in the end it can take an impressive size.

Possible and easier way to transfer money from Yandex to Kiwi. The functionality of Kiwifruit provides for the issuance of virtual credit cards. After receiving it, the user only has to log into his personal account in Yandex money and choose as a withdrawal option “Bank card”. Here are details of the virtual card QVC, entered amount, and at the expense of the Kiwis money. Pitfalls are the need to have a virtual card, low mobility, requiring the presence in the personal account Yandex money and Commission, which in the case of using a virtual card is able to exceed the cost associated with a phone number.

Finally, among the schemes for the conversion of money from one e-currency to another involve the exchange site where the question of whether Yandex translate for the kiwi is rhetorical. Each resource exposes its conditions of translation, but they generally fit into the citizenship of the Russian Federation, the affiliation of both wallets to a single person and, perhaps, everything. It is sufficient to have at hand a smartphone to visit the website of the exchange resource to promptly get the required amount. As a precaution, not stopping to check the exchange site, chat forums, social networks, etc. Of all the options output exchange item is associated with the lowest Commission and the loss of time, allowing you to quickly convert the money.