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How to tie the Qiwi to WebMoney?

Flagships of the Russian industry of e-money services remain WebMoney and Kiwi. Until recently, they were in a state of tough competition, challenging each other the top position in the ranking. However, life does not stand still, and money does not like confrontation, and then a certain both sites have moved from rivalry to constructive dialogue. In the framework of the customer service available mutual binding of wallets ensuring the functioning on the principle of flowing vessels.

How to bind to WebMoney QIWI

Here the customer can have the funds in the account of one of the services to make payments and other actions with using the functionality of second site. Binding is carried out in several stages and provides for the mandatory conditions. These inсlude the level of the Certificate not below Formal in the WebMoney system, and all data must go through the verification process. Among other things it provides for sending a scanned image of the passport information on the online platform.

The Kiwi requirements are considerably softer, since the system operates on the basis of the phone number. In Russia it is impossible to obtain documents without, respectively, the client system is checked by default. An additional requirement is the coincidence of the phone number specified during registration in WebMoney, so that decorated the expense of Kiwi, as well as the identity of the client is Russian jurisdiction.

If all conditions are met, the procedure is performed in several stages:

To begin, the user enters personal account on WebMoney, find the link “Service linking accounts” and clicks on it.
Here he presented various options for binding, from which he chooses the “QIWI wallet”;
In the appeared window specify the number of purse WMR (for binding permitted only ruble accounts), the system may withdraw his money on demand, there is a limit. Here hammered the Kiwi room, and then the user chooses the option “Continue”;
POPs up a window with a locking code and a link to the website of Kiwi, where the procedure is performed;
Here, the client is authenticated, then presses the “Work with accounts”, then “New account”;
In the form specified personal information, the number of purse WebMoney, limits, then the user confirms the action by clicking the option “Bind”;
Subject to all conditions in WebMoney will be a pop up window with information about successful completion of the procedure, and in the section “Working with accounts” on Kiwi – notification.

At any moment the binding can be undone using the same mechanism.

Binding WebMoney to Qiwi, and on the contrary a necessary procedure if you frequently make financial transactions from one payment system to another, however, if you transfer money from WebMoney to Qiwi not often, it is easier to use the service to transfer money from WebMoney to QIWI. Procedure hope and completely safe, in addition, by using our service, you will save on Commission.