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QIWI is a widely used payment system. This is due to the large number of advantages, including ease of registration and lack of requirements for documents to verify your identity. In this regard, many who are just starting to get acquainted with it, the question arises how to fill up your QIWI wallet. Ways to do this quite a lot, and everyone can choose the most suitable.
To Fund QIWI cash

With this method enough to reach the selected item and Deposit cash to your account in QIWI. This can be an affiliate, a sales office, their official ATMs or terminals of the system itself – find their addresses on the site Kiwi.
To replenish, you must specify the number of purse or phone, which he was. Terminals will also need a pin. A text message from him usually comes when you create a wallet through the terminal. Don’t confuse the pin number with a password set to log into your personal account on the official website. After you sеlect “Add cash”, the terminal will be ready to take notes through the receiver. Such terminals can be found in the transition from the subway, near the entrance of the favorite shop, which is undoubtedly very convenient.
Replenishment of a purse with Bank cards

With development of modern technologies it is much easier to replenish QIWI purse right from the comfort of home. If you have a Bank card, any difficulties with it will not arise.
There are several varieties of this method of replenishment:

using the form on the official website. For this you need to log in your personal account, click on “Recharge wallet”. A page will open listing all the possible options – in this case, you need a “Bank card”. A form will appear with fields for the necessary card details. After the transfer will be made;
through online banking system. Almost every Bank has online representation on the Internet or in the form of a mobile application for a smartphone. They allow you to make the payment for the services of third parties, transfers and more. A credit organization among the services provided will allow you to replenish and Kiwi purse. If the chance of a particular Bank is, clear enough to follow step by step instructions;
through an ATM. Something similar to the first method, but there is no need to withdraw cash card – just insеrt it into the ATM and choose among available options, the replenishment of QIWI wallet. Again, you will need to specify the number. Not all ATMs support this feature. A complete list of addresses specified on the portal system of QIWI.

Other ways

The methods described are most common and suitable for most users of the system. But there are situations in which neither one of them is unavailable. In this case we have to use alternative options:

from your mobile phone. It is important to note that the operation is performed with the number specified at registration of the purse. Replenishment can be done through the official website QIWI or mobile app. You must choose to make a payment “via credit card”, but the next step is to choose the mobile operator. In this case, you will be charged a fee by the operator;
request from another user in the system. To do this, simply enter your personal Cabinet and choose depositing method to “Ask a friend” or in the section “Transfers” push “Requests for transfers”. Specified next to the phone number or wallet will be sent the required request;
to use the services of the exchange sites. For example, we can not only to Fund QIWI WebMoney, and other payment systems;
microloans. Finally, is there nowhere to take the money – come to help microfinance organization, ready to transfer to the purse, Kiwi the necessary amount not exceeding 30 thousand Russian rubles. Everything you need to obtain such a loan is a passport. The probability of failure in this case is minimal. Just remember that all the loan money sooner or later need to return. For their use the interest and the debt will only grow.

There are restrictions on the maximum amount of replenishment of QIWI of the purse, it is better to check at the official website, the specific terms may change. The same applies to the Commission and other aspects.